Compulsion Games | Game Studio Showcase
Compulsion Games is a computer game development workshop based in Montreal in Canada. The studio is established by Guillaume Provost, a Canadian that benefited Arcane Studios. The studio is redeemed by Xbox Game Studios in 2018.

According to the Happy Few and the takeover by Microsoft, Compulsion Games works on a new, previously unannounced game. As we had last reported, it is a third-person single player game, which is little known. Windows Central now has more details and describes the single player experience as a third-person action game with the Code name Midnight. First conceptual images you can see in the source, let it close on a dark and fantastic setting. They also show the protagonist as well as harpyia-like humanoids in different stages and something that looks like a nest in a huge tree. Project Midnight is intended to be a coming-of-age history inspired by the southern America, whose Southern Gothic feeling consists of magic and fantastic beasts.