Bethesda Soft works LLC is an American game developer and Author, based in Rockville, Maryland. The business belongs to the parent company Animal Media and also was acquired in March 2021 by Microsoft.

Bethesda and Animal Studios have just released a special material that — the easiest way — promotes Elder Scrolls online for all possible ways.

We will explain how to start your journey after Tamil: How to create a figure, gain experience, visit, fight in PVP mode. We also discuss group activities (Dungeon and Trial), Crafts and others.


For 9 minutes of the video you will learn why Elder Scrolls Online is one of the best Zenimax Studios on the market. Although we knew it even without this recording…

However, you have to understand Bethesda, who wants to hit the number of recipients as much as possible, who are not necessarily interested in the Massively Multiplayer online genre as you.

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(Movie available with Polish subtitles)

Elder Scrolls Online costs in a standard version (containing Morrow ind add-on) 80 zlotys ( here or here ), although in the external stores, the key keys can be improved for about PLN 20. In such a version of ESO, it is enough for 100-200 hours of fun (fantastic price / length / length ratio).

Is Elder Scrolls Online Worth Playing in 2021? (Level 1 to Endgame) #eso #elderscrollsonlinegameplay
It is also worth mentioning an unofficial spolszczenia (from Tam Riel scribes), thanks to which all the most important elements of Elder Scrolls Online You have translated into our beautiful language.

Important: The translation works with consent and with the support of the game developers!