Although Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy — The Definitive Edition It was something that many waited for anxious, the launch of this collection has been wrapped in a series of controversies. One of these is the elimination of some tricks that were classics in the original versions.

Moments after the arrival of GTA: The Trilogy to multiple platforms yesterday, some users realized that Some classic tricks no longer functioned. This is information that rose rich, title producer, confirmed on a talk with USA Today. This was what he commented:

Some Cheats Gone Missing In GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition | GameSpot News

We had to eliminate a few pair for technical reasons, certain things that did not work well at the Unreal Base. But that s really where I ll leave it. There is some fun with the discovery.

However, players have begun to discover that another type of tricks have been included, as the famous INAMI Code. We only have to wait and see if these are the only substantial modifications that get angry at the fan base. Unfortunately this is not all, since this collection has been removed from PC, and here we tell you that it is happening. Similarly, this is the game on switch.