The final finals of Summers World Arena Championships 2021 (SWC2021) have been confined to Android and Diligent, respectively, and the European and Asian Pacific regions.

On the 13th, the world s fans are watching through online live broadcasting, the SWC2021 World Final 4-rated tournament, which was exciting, which was exciting.

First, the first game of the fourth round of the Korean players were defeated by the two former traditions, respectively, and the two players who entered the seminar. One set, based on the fast attack rate of monsters, Android was pressed on the early taxation of BIG, which is a powerful tolerance tactics. However, in two sets, however, the advantage of Android, the anomalous vandalism, and the player returned to the origin.

In three sets, BIG s light properties branded and wanted to get close to the finals, but at 4 sets, Android was able to reveal the counterattack with a Coldplay and turned back to the home once again. In the end, in the last set, Android has been a variable that leverages the fire properties Rich, and became the main character of the reversed victory as 3 to 2.


The second game of the 4th Round is the most powerful candidate in SIC, and Tars, which was evaluated that the balance of Diligent and attacks and defensive defense was perfect, was confronted. The first game was a diligent that picks up a cancer property monster to the early precipitation and gave the victory. The two games and three games, also brought Tars to the victory, and eventually to the Tars, with sharp vandal tactics and a strong early attack. As a result, Diligent, who had a good Diligent, who had a good delivery of the World Final, enjoyed the joy of the finals in two years.

Meanwhile, the SWC2021, which is held five times this year, is a global tournament that covers the strongest Summer Mourners, which is a global tournament.