Com2us hosted by Com2us and Google Play Global E Sports Competition Summer Hours World Arena Championship 2021 (SWC2021) World Final is with the fans around 2:00 pm on the 13th and comes online.

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SWC2021 has been conducting local qualifying and local cups throughout last 4 months, and eight representatives finally selected through Asia Pacific Cup, American Cup, and European Cup will meet the final winner in the World Final.

During the Korean players, last year, the Second baby, which was exhibited in the SWC2020 Asia Pacific region, and Jack-, the first time this year, Jack-, is getting attention to domestic fans.

In the first match, the third largest in the Asia Pacific Cup, the first place in the Jack– and the American Cup Big, the second match, and the second match, the second-most Asian Pacific Cup, and the first Android of the European cup, and the first place, And the second place Already, China Cup, the winner TARS and European Cup 2 in the second place of ISMOO.

In particular, this year s World Final, the team confrontation of the team s team, and the team confrontation of each region, gains worldwide, from the previous year s Tournament,

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In the Americas, Thompson, True whale, Viilipytty and Roth in Europe, and in Asia Pacific region, Doctor and From z, and Mr. Chung and G. Diego! The total four teams, such as those who have recently launched a recent updated 2VS2 team, and expand the confrontation.

This year, this year, the world fans were prepared for a new form of support with live broadcasting. In the SWC2021 World Final, more than 100 global audiences in advance in all over the world, we will emerge on a large LED screen installed on the field stage, and during the competition, LAN line supports during the game.

In addition, we present a variety of items gifts according to the number of new financial raw cumulative viewers, and to users who see the game in real time, SWC2021 special costumes are also provided.

Meanwhile, the SWC2021, which is held five times this year, is a global tournament that covers the highest strength of Global Hitting Summer Mourners.

The SWC2021 World Finals live in a total of 15 languages, including Korean, and can be confirmed through various channels such as Summer Mourners e-sports YouTube channels and twitches and Africa TVs.