In summer, midfield talent Angelo quieter left FC Bayern defective professional perspective and moved to the TSG 1899 Cofferdam. Now the 20-year-old has spoken critically about the circumstances of his farewell from Munich.

For years, Angelo Stiller urges the reputation to be one of the most talented six of German football. In his birthplace Munich, however, the Youngster barely received the opportunity to prove its high level.

The former Bavaria Coach Hans Flick was rarely called in the professional squad, mostly the junior national player in the second team, which was still in the 3rd league, had to kick.

Too little for the ambitious ball distributor, who returned his training club to just three missions in the Bundesliga team and hoped in 1899 Cofferdam around his former conveyor Sebastian Honey.

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Although he has arrived well in the Kraichgau and now even runs for the German U21, Stiller is still held with his off at the Sabine Strafe.

That was like a blow in the face, the left-wing foot betrayed now in the Sky interview and continued in detail: I ve expected that I can get the chance above or may be allowed to train. On the last day I have then Noticed by the press that players were committed to play on my position. Of course, I was shocked.

Stiller does not exclude return to FC Bayern

With this chapter of his career, silent wants to complete. You can not do anything: Bavaria has decided so, and it just should not be, the talent explained, which brought some understanding in a sense: They also have a lot to do, and they can not take everyone aside and say: Hey, that s how it looks, so we plan with you.

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That he could return to Munich in the distant future, silent did not want to exclude silvery. I honestly do not worry about that. I have now a few years in Cofferdam. I feel very well here and just look forward to the next time. What comes, that s coming. What not, not, He clear.