Blachtfeld 2042 is both optically and technically impressive, especially with its dynamic weather system, which we spoke in our detailed test. But with great performance it comes to great FPS bursts and stuttering, or so you say. In this manual we talk about the best PC settings for schlachtfeld 2 042 and possibilities to increase fps and power without losing too much of that schlachtfeld 2042 has to offer.

Each PC is different, so take the settings in this manual as a general proposal. Your computer may need to reduce these settings or can handle it higher. Do not be afraid to experiment and pay attention to the performance of the game when certain settings are changed.

Best PC settings for Battlefield 2042

The goal is here to find a good balance between performance and optics schlachtfeld 2042 is PC version. We have found that certain PCs can adjust certain settings higher or lower depending on the age and performance.

Texture quality: medium
Texturing filter: medium

Texture settings are under means when the graphic is noticeable, so set texture quality and filtering. A medium You can improve your FPS number and performance without losing too much visually. However, you can definitely go a little higher if you have a decent machine and affect other visual settings.

Light quality: Low — medium

Alone a good lighting can make a game stunning, but it takes a quantity from resources. To achieve the best performance, set the lighting quality low and you should say a. Notice Significant increase in fps. Medium can also work, depending on the performance of your PC, so do not hesitate to test the difference between the two before you decide.

Effect quality : medium

Effect quality includes shots, explosions, smoke and other useful visual information. Means is the lowest value you should choose to recognize important visual evidence that can decide on life and death.

Quality of post-processing: low
Web quality: Low
Office quality: medium

Blachtfeld 2042 is cards are to meet the new 128 player limits. More terrain means more terrain rendering. The setting of the terrain quality on agents can improve performance by limiting the required processing effort while at the same time you can see important map details. If you have a much older PC, you may need to set this to low. The post-processing quality and the network quality can all be safe to low, but may be higher if you have extra power left.

Quality of the undergrowth: medium
Anti-aliasing post-processing: off

Battlefield 2042 Best Settings Guide (Performance, Gameplay)
As long as they do not disturb serrated edges, deactivating anti-aliasing post-processing can significantly improve performance due to resource consumption. If you need sharp edges, you can keep this setting lower as long as you affect other resource-intensive settings such as lighting.

NVIDIA Reflex Low Latency: Enabled with Boost
Future Frame Rendering: Off
vertical synchronization: off
field of view : 75-85

The field of view depends mainly on the personal preferences and the size of the monitor used. The more environment is rendered, the more resources are used, however. It is important to find a good balance between a FOR with sufficient view and performance, so you play around 75-85 with this setting and see which number you prefer.

Brightness: Personal preference (no effect on performance)
Motion blur: Personal preference

Disabling the motion blur will not release many resources, but it is can help you to recognize enemies easier. It can look very good, but it takes you to a disadvantage, if only a small one.

Chromatic deviation: Personal preference

Film grain: Personal preference
Vignette: Personal preference
Lens distortion: Personal preference

The above settings have almost no influence on performance and depend on the personal preferences of the user.

How to reduce stuttering in Battlefield 2042

Players report stuttering on the PC, which may be due to Windows scans the program during execution. To disable this, locate Exploit Protection in the Windows Start menu and open it. Navigate to Program Settings and then to Select exact file path. Locate the.exe file for schlachtfeld 2042, Select it and click Open. Set a check mark on Overwrite system settings and set the switch to Off. Apply and restart your PC.

This is not a guaranteed solution, but can improve performance on some computers. It is expected that a patch will soon be released, which fixes greater problems with stuttering. If you have problems connecting to online servers, read our guide to Battlefield 2042 Server Status or the error Persistency data can not be loaded.

Battlefield 2042 is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.