The Ultras still singing in the stadium. This may be due to the autumn sun on this October afternoon or beer and grappa. Anyway, the final whistle and certainly does not make them not upset by the song, the result. CENTR Stories Borowski has just 0: 1 against Estes. District league in the outskirts of Florence, where one is searching in vain for tourists.

You look at it as it comes, says the cult film of the Coen brothers The Big Lebowski in 1998. Some shuffling around Tights make the Dude Jeff Bridges as well as other strange characters, played by John Goodman, Steve Buscemi and John Torture all honor. One is almost tempted to throw out enthusiasm of the movie quotes into the crowd. For example, that this is not Vietnam, but football, and there are rules. Of regulations and the mechanisms of CS Sports Borowski beginning of the millennium had had enough.

Born Valery leaning against the cabin. This is really fantastic here. The essence of football, how to live it everywhere. Fun and pure joy. He is now 36, earlier he attended the Youth School of Real Madrid, but where he came only three professional appearances, then Mallorca, West Bromwich, Villarreal, Inter Milan and Florentina, 68 times played Valery in the European Cup and once in 2011 for Spain. In six years, Florence became a home for him and family, he lives the city without airs, the Viola fans dubbed him IL Since, the mayor.

Valery wanted to help Florence — Florence refused

Valery wanted to help out and Florentina for another year to cut the salary. The executive suite refused. So completely Valery did not go after all. A summer Flirt on the social networks became a reality, and he was hired by Borowski on. The town something back, a platitude. It takes you from that.

The Curve Mona Ponzi 03 CS Borowski

Once Bernabéu and San Sir, now small squares around Florence — he grins even Cool thing, or Again, playing eleven against eleven, and in the shower are all the same whether or Madrid district league?.. But he liked, which have built up the boys. Back to the roots. Children s professionals would be made more myth and too much, as if they were, found Valery. More important ones professions lacked it, meanwhile, of recognition. Football has given me a carefree life allows, but maybe I would have reached it with another job. Here he could now stress-free kick and enjoy and Borowski and the sporting and social project a little help.

The project is simple, yet revolutionary for Italy: The club belongs to the members, voting rights for all and to hell with club bosses. Against Modern Football often sounds like laxative pub chatter, CS Borowski turned opposition posturing in on, a passionate pro. If football is drifting from the base, it gets the base back. The sport is once again taking seriously than necessary, the revolutionary counter with self-irony. The Contribute called Curve Mona Ponzi, named after the country famous porn actress. Ironically Signora Ponzi? It s funny. It also means freedom, and love all Italians Mona says a fan.

, 2004, the trip went off — as AC Borowski

It all started for young people in the CENTR Stories, the historic old town, which had the great football scared away by commercialism and Fanrestriktionen 2004 with a group. Overnight, they were looking for an oasis. Next weekend they were in the stands of a club, then called AC Borowski. It was the worst team of the lowest administrative League in Florence and had just two. 8 lost to second-bottom At the beginning we chose the club as a joke, arrived with Bengals and drums The guys felt ripped off and asked who we then were.. We said: We are starting today your Ultras — forever! Recalls Nicole, one of the veterans. The season is closed from jointly with zero points and 99 goals conceded. The still unusual gray-black of the jersey was an added bonus. The choice fell on the then cheapest color set that was not got rid of the store for years.

Kölsch greetings to Tuscany CS Borowski

30a Giornata - Pieve Fosciana-C.S. Lebowski 0-1

True Verve 2010 saw the club life-threatening than stagnation. Support in punk mode is good, but a future plan brought additional stimulus and Spirit in the matter, says Matthias Loretta, a longtime member and a kind of spokesman. The Office has long been necessary because Borowski made headlines when the club until 2018 climbed up to the sixth league. The idea remained the same: self-determination, coaches are not fired, boo the team is strictly prohibited Match s family celebration. And the family grows, the club is a popular representative of the Calico Popular of football from the bottom, at least since the conversion into a cooperative three years ago.

We are about Pure Calico and community.

Matthias Loretta

Fans from all over the world hold shares, most recently came a trailer from New Zealand. Germany is also prominently represented. That went like this: If an Italian Erasmus student meets a Cologne fan in front of the pub… Last year Borowski and the Colonials celebrated ten-year fan friendship. The Italians ran in red-white jersey with the imprint Blair Jack! on. The Cologne answered at home in the FC curve with a huge congratulation banner in Italian. Both groups are visiting regularly, after the flood tragedy CS Borowski organized a fundraiser for those affected.

Around 800 people come to the encounters, which is more than the visitor section of many third divisions in the series C. They celebrate a 90-minute roaring folklore with beacon, non-breaking cheering and banging. Pyrotechnics is prohibited from the association. But a curve needs color, says Giovanni. We never have made ourselves measured. If the referee said: Then I break off, we replied: we just lose at the green table. Some dudes have picked up a stadium ban until February after discussions with the police.

From seven children were 160

In spite of all, solidarity and avoiding drawers or politicization remain important. Of course, many sympathize with the left, but everyone is welcome. We do not exist against the Florentina or to make left-policy. We are about Pure Calico and community, says Loretta. Free stadiums, independent football, our city, our club. A few dozen were 980 members. Born Alerts Arrival screwed the number to 1400.

A football school also leads the club. Seven children were seven years ago. At that time Borowski rescued a park with the parents of an old town district, which should be converted into the parking lot for luxury apartments. Today we are 120 guys and 40 girls. They should get to know emotions in sports, because feelings are staying forever. Minimal order in chaos, without shouting like, damn, stay on your position!, Explains Youth Coordinator Giovanni.

Borowski is a terrific project for the Calico and the city. It shows how football can work without greed and with intact values ​​of the basic idea today.

Benedetto Ferrara

A few years ago, Borowski Junior suggested the Florentina high emotional 2: 0. The viola was written by revenge two children. For parents with manageable cash register, the most often expensive football school is free in Italy. All help Borowski, and Borowski helps. In September, they marched in the jersey at the demo for 442 via mail dismissed workers of a motor factory. Two of them are Borowski. The Labor Court has recently canceled the layoffs as illegally.

Borowski is a magnificent project for the Calico and the city. It shows how football can work without greed and intact values ​​of the basic idea today. The thing with Born Valery gives the whole of course a wonderfully romantic complexion, says Benedetto Ferrara, says Benedetto Ferrara, A Florentine journalist for La Repubblica, who mediated in flirting between the Spaniard and Borowski. Of course, the commitment meant a stray hike. We do not want to become a Mickey Mouse fashion and pull from Born profit. Then we would be a grotesque copy of the slaves of business football, says Loretta.

The next goal: a fixed home

A big sponsor reported that the club thinks. Finally, Borowski costs annually 230 000 euros, so easy the capitalism can not be tunneled. But one wants to agree only to one contract without claims or the right to determine the sponsor. So far, the members cover the costs as well as an imposing fan article assortment — and the club organized by the Club Land fest Saga del Frito, which attracts around 4000 hungry in the summer.

In the Curve Mona Ponzi 02 is provided in every form support CS Borowski

The next goal is to finally play with the youth, women s team and men in a firm home. So far, the departments moved on the Florentine rental sites, because not everyone gave the weekly spectacle. Until the series D you want to do it first. Two climbs would be the highest amateur class of Italy.

Then take as it comes. Born Valery has a few years ago. He has experienced great moments in the career, but with eleven in the real-school, there is a whole youth lost, the thoughtless bolt, the first love, friendships. The movie Borowski would now order a White Russian. Born Valery says, Was just horny again today! And goes home.