The cash registers are empty, the ambitions unbroken: After club icon Xavi has taken over the coaching office at the FC Barcelona, ​​barely a day passes by rumors to potential new additions by the medial ether spirit. The way to new reinforcements is rocky.

It s just that we can still register Xavi and his coaching staff, but then nothing left, Barça Football Director Mate Ale many recently confirmed the financial imbalance of FC Barcelona. Before you can commit new stars, the partly extremely expensive contaminated sites must leave the club. Nevertheless, speculation does not tear around new entries.

Special Fallen should have found Xavi at a Star of the FC Liverpool: Navy Data. This reports Don Salon.

The central midfielder changed in the summer of 2018 for 60 million euros from RB Leipzig to the Reds, but in the current season, however, the national player Guineas often plays only the second violin. That Liverpool leaves the 26-year-old is not excluded.

The money for an offer in the summer of 2022, Barça intends to take the report by the sale of Philippe Mourinho. The Brazilian allegedly draws it in January for 30 million euros to Newcastle United.

Barça is looking for competition for TER webs

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In addition to Mourinho, another high-paid superstar at Barça before standing out: The German National Tor wart Marc-André TER Steven. The fact that TER Steven expressed multiple doubts on the project FC Barcelona should not be well-received, so Don Salon. The Catalans should therefore have thrown an eye on Dean Henderson by Manchester United.

The 24-year-old English international, who is currently only the number two at United, should step in competition to TER Steven and offer the German place in the Tor Parole. Should Henderson meet the expectations, the way would be for a say goodbye Steven. Barça would thus have an absolute top earner of the payload and should also collect a tremendous transfer.