In these days Gerardo Sloane always pushes names on the tactical panel. Who can play? Who maybe? Who does not? On the installation board, all players are on whom we still have hope that they are available, says the Leverkusen coach, and it is already possible that one or the other has to go away again. Final will be on Friday be.

Be it through fresh pressures suffered in the international matches. Be it, because old injuries can not be cured over this week. The current personnel fiction represents the Swiss a pretty demanding situation.

Sloane: Who is available to us — and what are we doing?

The challenge is: Who is available to us — and what are we doing of it? There are two, three ways we have in mind, says Sloane, definitely without Julian Baumgartner (to Knee Operation), Michelle Bone edema in the ankle) and Timothy FSU Mensa plans, who is once again careful after his cruciate ligament, but it is to be careful.

With two personnel options, the coach can calculate relatively safely: Rights Karim Bellcrank and Jenner Florian With trained on Wednesday except the final game complete with the team, are options for the Bochum game. After Bellcrank had already formulated this goal on Monday, Nationalist With now reported to complaints and explained, I am definitely desiring to play on Saturday..

Schick and Alaric actually not in question

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Two names, on the other hand, will at least mentally remove from the table on Wednesday. Because the two midstorms Lucas Alaric (Knee) and Patrick Schick (ankle) are not eligible for the impressions of Wednesday training for the Bochum game. Certainly not for the starting eleven.

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Schick works individually with rehab coach Hans-Jörg Schneider, but felt in short, not even intense turns still pain in the impossible ankle joint. Alaric whose knee is being muscularly stabilized was — as tags previously announced for the complete week — not to see on the training place.

One out of the duo could take place at best as an option for a few joker minutes for the absolute emergency against Bochum on the replacement bench — if any. The one thinks about this possibility at Bayer shows how precariously the personally is in the central attack.

For the role as a substitute, the opportunities at Charles Tranquil are much better. Although the Chile ne trained after a muscle tendon injury in the calendar initially with the team and changed after the circle game to athletic coach Daniel Join into individual training. At the two remaining training days, however, the six could still make the decisive step to be available against Bochum as a substitute.