51 days — so much waited for the first real content update in New World.

New World: You NEED To Be Doing This to Level Up Weapons FAST!

Well, we ve been waiting, because Into the Void (Polish title is in a vacuum ) just made his debut on the servers of the largest Polish this year.

In addition to the real dose of news, the update also repairs hundreds, literally hundreds of errors and shortcomings that have been discovered by players from the moment of the premiere. If in the meantime, another dupe-bugs will not arise, we should experience much better, and certainly a much more refined title.

The most important changes:

New Weapon — Vacuum Glove
New enemies — Farsi knights
New visual effects
New items to get
Connection of all commercial factories
Improved appearance of the starting location
Faster navigating on the road (10%)
New PVP fraction missions
A huge balance of weapons and skills (!!!)
Changing the fraction is now possible after 60 days
Crafting patches
Streamer mode updates
Improved tutorial

Full Patch-Note (Polish) is located in this place. Read all Towns will take you a dozen minutes.

It looks very good on paper. If we receive similar updates in the next month and months, New World may start to recover players and not lose them. Everything in the hands of Amazon.

You play here.