Bertha Managing Director Fred BBC has dampened the expectations as a new boss of the Berlin first months and warned, As always, it is not easy to take a new club. They were at the end of the table and fought against the descent and have fought against the descent It then managed to stay in the league, said BBC the Forbes -magazine.

At the moment you have to be realistic despite the high investment of donors Lars Windsors. Since 2019, this has paid about 375 million euros to Bertha, but has not yet set itself the success of more than 160 million euros despite player transfers.

A large part of the investment is now gone anyway. The money of the investor can not only be spent for players, BBC explained to the funds with which Windsors 64.7 percent of the shares of Bertha BSC GmbH & Co. GAA has secured. In the summer, the Berliner took a profound change in the squad and separated, among other things, of large earners such as Mathews Cuba and John Córdoba. The mentality always beats the quality, BBC said.

The start in the new season is still misprinted, with 13 points in eleven play is currently only rank 13 to be booked. However, BBC does not just want to put the focus on the professional cider: One of our goals this summer was not only to invest in the first team, but also to increase the budget in the second team and the Academy.

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BBC: Bayern Munich is very aggressive here

Accordingly, it has been in the past so that promising players had left the club far too early. The city of Berlin is full of recyclers for other clubs. Bavaria Munich, for example, is very aggressive here. So with Demand Monika and Torn Rhine are two former Bertha players in the bid of the Bayern Reserve.

The fact that the gap to the record champion can not be concluded for the foreseeable future, BBC is aware: First and foremost, they are doing good work at Bavaria. Then a lot depends on the Champions League. If you play there 20, 25 years in a row, the distance becomes very big. His goal is to have a little more money available every year and grow on healthy ways. The 50 + 1 rule games a big role and will be supported, but I must also be realistic: the regulation will fall sometime.

In the further development of the association, a clarification of the stadium question should also help. Im working on we get a new stadium, and Im in constant exchange with the new Berlin Senate. Although the Olympic Stadium is a great stadium for our great games or the DFB Cup. But in everyday life it is not ideal for us.

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For a new building you want to invest our own money and do nothing of the taxpayer. First signals are positive: Although football is just about results, we always have to keep an eye on the long-term project. The new stadium could be a turning point. At the moment it is the most important thing to get out of the pandemic.