Call of Duty: Vanguard offers a camper spot on the multiplayer map Gamut, which is very difficult to crack. Very much to the joy of the campers, who is always sitting at some point and Big Kills farms. But with our tips on Mango you get the camper down from his horn down!

What is Gamut? Gamut is a small Pacific Island and one of the larger maps in the Call of Duty multiplayer: Vanguard. The map consists of a coastal battery, a building complex, a watchtower and a stranded US landing ship.

Where is the problem with the camper? The shipwreck, which has heavily damaged deep into the beach, houses one of the worst camper spots in the game.

Because the fortified tower on the bug of the ship overlooks wide parts of the map and thus offers an ideal place for camping snipers. Anyone who entrenches there can be difficult to hit and in return has an open weft field on wide parts of the map — or not?

10 ways as you ruined the fun of the fun.

So you get the camper: Everyone who has played Gamut before had to suffer from the campers. But there are several methods that you can shoot him out in his camper fortress of loneliness. The tips come from a video of the Cod expert TheXclusiveace on YouTube.

Anti-Camper point 1 — south of the house

Where is that? Directly in the south of the long house, which is parallel to the ship, you can climb a hill. From there you can see the head of the campers over the roof. When the camper ducks, you can still see him if you jump. So make a little hop and pops him with a precise rifle!

Anti-Camper point 2 — from below through the house to the eye!

Where is that? If you go down the ramp south of the long house, you can spy through the opposite holes in the walls with some skill the camper. The probability that he notices you is rather low. For this you can miss him from this position with a reasonably precise assault rifle a headshot and does not need DMR or Sniper rifle.

Also cool: You can also catch Camper, who celebrate a party on the deck of the ship.

Anti-Camper point 3 — through the grid in the basement

Where is that? If you Cree the basement of the long house, you can see a wire mesh on the right. When you look through here, you recognize the camper in his hiding place and can slap him with some skill. But does not fit that you will not get caught by campers on the deck of the ship.

Anti-Camper point 4 — over the shelf at the ammunition crates

Where is that? If you enter the long house upstairs, you have to resist the temptation to shoot the camper through the windows. He has a clear advantage.

Therefore, get better in the house very west. There is a wooden shelf with a few ammo crates in front of it. Jumps on the boxes and lugs over the shelf. So you recognize the camper who is unlikely to discover.

Anti-Camper point 5 — The palm of death

Where is that? If you come from the east, there is a hill where a crooked palm is growing at the foot. Through the bush plant there you are perfectly camouflaged, but can recognize the campers ideally and summers from the distance.

Anti-Camper point 6 — right next to the cannon position


Where is that? A surprising place from which you can do the camper is the gun. Make you next to the wall in the south, and you have an amazingly clear shot angle on the campers.

Alternatively, you can jump on the wall and get an even better angle, but that also exposes you more.

Anti-Camper point 7 — over the red barrels

Where is that? At the gun position are a few red barrels. They are explosive and probably not forever in the match. But if you are there, you can achieve the wall crown and have a good fire angle on the campers.

Anti-Camper point 8 — over the rocks in the north

Where is that? In the north of the map is a curved rock. There you can go up a kind of invisible spot half the rock and look at the stones. That gives you a good shot angle on the camper.

Anti-Camper point 9 — About the truck

Where is that? In the northwest of the map is a lonely little truck. Jumps on its radiator, and you can bring about the roof of the vehicle and see the campers and shoot.

Anti-Camper point 10 — next to the rocks south of the truck

Where is that? South of the truck lies a rock. On his western flank you can peek along and see the campers well in his hiding place.

So much to the 10 top spots, with which you make the most annoying camper in the game the fun. Do you know more good counter-places? Then lets know us in the comments.

Incidentally, where you will not bum up to overpowering camper, the map shipment, which has been back in the game since the latest.