After the international leadership, the football Bundesliga starts again — with new corona worries. The fourth wave ensures further restrictions. 2g becomes standard almost everywhere. Is there gym games soon? Leaders Bayern Munich also prepares Corona currently to worry about the athletic competition. In Berlin, the Brisbane City Berry rises.

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Fourth wave: Can unvaccinated football professionals such as international Joshua Gimmick be prohibited to play access to continued critical Corona situation? These want to examine the bosses of the German federal states. In the preliminary discussion of the country bosses and chiefs, we agreed very quickly that if viewers have to consider in the stadium 2G, which in our opinion should also apply to the professionals, said Nordrhein-Westphales Prime Minister Hendrik Must (CDU) to the federal government Country Consultations in Berlin. Previously, the lap had decided that in the future only vaccinated or Coronavirus people should have access to pointsing events. However, it is still unclear whether this decision can be enforced for professional athletes in their professional exercise.

Year end spurt: After the third and last country game phase, the Bundesliga goes to the year-end spurt. Still six game days are standing until Christmas. The 12th Round open on Friday evening (20.30 clock) at the FC Augsburg and FC Bayern. The Corona-crowned Munich want to first expand the spreadsheet with an away win before 30,000 spectators to seven points. And the FCA? The coach Markus Easier Wrasse Outsiders hopes for a cream day from our own audience. After all, seven of her only nine points brought the Augsburg in the last three home games.

Tracker: In two weeks Borussia Dortmund receives Bavaria to the League Summit. If the BVB has only two points behind, he would have the chance to move by victory. After the defeat in Leipzig, however, it is currently four. That is, the BVB would have to get six points from the games against Stuttgart and Wolfsburg and take the Bavaria in Augsburg or against Bielefeld once. Sounds unlikely. Therefore, for the Dortmund, it is probably why not to break the contact. Against the CFB there was a blamable 1: 5 home defeat in the previous year.

Brisbane CityBerby: The fifth time meet the Berlin Rivals Union Berlin and Bertha BSC in the Bundesliga first. Three times without viewer. Well, just at times of sad record numbers at infected and incidences, the stadium is full of the old forester. And it gets on the ranks and on the lawn a hot duel — even without boycotting ultras, which come across the 2G rule for visitors. Bertha is four points behind Union, there has never been an away win at the Berliner duel in the Bundesliga. The police are in large use, the players are ready. Its a fight, says Bertha coach Pal Cardie. A close game awaits colleagues Urs Fischer.

Returners: The gates of Marcus Thu ram lack Borussia Mönchengladbach this season of course. The son of the Football World Champion Lilian Thu ram has always come to a double-digit hit balance since 2019 in his previous seasons for Borussia Mönchengladbach. During this season, however, the French international after a knee injury, however, was gradually entering, now the starting stage is beckoning against Reuther Fürth. Of course he is a topic. Marcus worked well on his physique. But we have to get carefully deal with players who were injured for a long time, said coach ADI Hunter.