Step-by-step games, additionally called clicker video games, clicking games (on Computers) or tap video games (in mobile video games), are computer games whose gameplay includes the gamer executing easy actions such as clicking the display repeatedly. This grinding earns the gamer in-game money which can be used to raise the rate of money purchase. In some games, even the clicking comes to be unneeded at some time, as the game plays itself, including in the gamers lack, therefore the moniker idle game.

Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines 2 has had to face very complicated moments in its production. In Paradox were not satisfied with the course of the project, so they set aside their developers and delayed the title, something that caused employees to pay the consequences of dismissals.

But, who is now taking care of the game? In the results report of its third trimester, collected by PC Gamer, the company has spoken about the matter and has preferred maintain the name of the study in anonymity, although they comment that they are satisfied with the current progress.

The new developers are doing it quite well, says Alexander Brick, CFO of Paradox. We are happy with the progress of the project so far, but there is still a lot of time for us to talk about any release date.

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We want to not say it for a time Alexander Brick, CFO of Paradox We prefer to facilitate the situation to the study and that can be completely focused in the development of the game, without having to go to the fans that contact them. Thats why we have not made public the name of the study, and we want it to be so for a while.

What Happened To Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines 2

Therefore, Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines 2 continues Without release date Concrete marked on the calendar, so you will have to wait to learn more details of who is in charge of the project and if it finally comes to light. Of course, it does not convey the necessary security, and we have already known that it was even about to be canceled earlier this year.