NFT, who hit the domestic game industry since MIR 4, MIL4, was also a topic in Gustav 2021. There was no place where NFT games were exhibited from major B2C participants, but in the field of reporters on the field, NFT-related questions came out of the NFT-related query, and in the Pupa period, NFT was discussed in the National Assembly debate held in BECS.

However, there is a part that should be cooled to this. In overseas, the circumstances are different, but in Korea, we can not launch NFT games that can be curved with cash or other assets before amending the relevant laws in Korea. The direct answer to this is the 20th, and the Gammy Publicity Forum is jointly hosted by the Gammy Publicity Forum. So, what is the metabus?

One. You must fix the provisions related to the issue of the Act on the Promotion of Game Industry

Kim said that the game is blocked, not blocking new technologies, such as NFT. The game is an institution that works according to the current game method. And in the game method, it does not allow the form that the item or the like in the game is possible in the form that can be cursedly in the form. The game is not a moving institution in accordance with the game method.

In fact, Kim Gyu-chul said that the blockchain is even a game based on NFT technology, even if there is no currency exchange element, it is also possible to receive age rating. However, NFT, minus the transaction function, will not try to be money from the game, and the NFT in the game is that the NFT is fashionable, and it was not possible to follow the trend in the public institution.

In fact, current game laws 28 are prohibited to give cash, gift certificate, and securities prizes, and the game is determined that NFT is similar to the score curriculum utilized as a typical exchange means at the time of the sea story. In addition, the same Act includes prohibiting Currency Exchange. Anyone who has won the game, the item, etc. obtained through the game, or the act of pending the exchange is illegal. The item transactions through the item trading site are only allowed to deal with gamers, and the transaction amount is regarded as a workplace that is prohibited from the law to be prohibited from exceeding a certain or more.

2. Social rejection for exchange for the currency in the sea story

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However, it seems difficult to amend the law. There is a story of a sea story in 2006 in the background that contains provisions that inhibit the exchange of exchange in the game method. The reason why the agency of the game is also to prevent the recurrence of the sea statement, and it is because it was a fairly big aftermath to the society, which is stronger than the provision of the currency exchange and purification of the currency and purification.

At a press conference in the JSA scene, the Representative of Gang Hymn BUK, a similar comment, Gang Hymn BUK, a representative, was expected to make a long time for NFT games to change the regulations, unless the game laws have been revised. He said, It takes time to take time until it starts with a full-fledged discussion because there is no social consensus on this.

In the game industry, it may be unfair that the event that occurred in 2006 is still affecting, but the sea story is not good for a large impact and damage to the whole society, and it is not good for a large impact on a large incident, It is also. This is because it is not a socially agreed on the part of allowing the game item to be permitted to allow the game item to be permitted to the part of the game item.

3 . You must define a virtual asset legally define

If you enter one step deeper, you need to have legal definitions for digital assets, including NFT. In addition, the movement of the domestic as well as the movement to transfer virtual assets to the system. In Korea, a number of virtual assets, a virtual asset housing law for virtual assets such as crypt ens, including, and includes a content that recognizes the virtual assets as an economical asset and defines the relevant industries. In other words, the virtual asset is definitely knotted, and this content should be reflected in the game method, and the game is based on the game in the game.

Although the Financial Commission has announced on November 5th, the NFT has announced on NFT, but there are still ambiguous parts. At that time, the Financial Committee said the NFT for collection, based on the instructions of the International Fund Laundry Emperor (FATF) at the end of October, is not a virtual asset. However, FATF added that NFT, which is used for payment means or investment, is included in virtual assets that are regulated. NFT is a technique that is originally a certified technique, and it is not a true meaning of NFT, if more than hundreds of more.

Here, if you look at the Overseas NFT game case, you must have a transaction that is combined with other cryptographic accumulations on the NFT, but it is possible to be a new business model with NFT. As a representative runner, excipiniti, which is considered as a representative runner, can be achieved by selling the characters, which is a character obtained through crossing, and can be used to change to cash. In other words, it is possible to change the execution in cash through several steps, which is considered as a representative box office factor of the game. In addition, Mir 4 is also planning to distribute the characters and items to which NFT technology is applied during December.