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The Hamburg prosecutor wants to complete the case of HSV professionals Bakery Jetta soon. There should be a final decision shortly, said Attorney Jörg Happy the Hamburger Barenblatt.

A final decision means that the procedure is set or charged charges. A setting under conditions is also possible.

For more than two years, doubts have been expressed whether the player of the Hamburg second division HSV actually deals with Bakery Jetta or about Bakery Differ. The club had always been behind his player during the investigation.

For the long investigation period, happily said, Subjects had to be consulted and evaluated foreign authorities and evaluated foreign witnesses, hearing financial transactions and digital storage media are examined. In addition, the prosecutor has commissioned an anthropologically morphological report.

HSV 1 and 2 - Pathogenesis of Oral and Genital Herpes

Also, the defender of the accused has received multiple file inspection and generous commenting periods, which then partly adopt further evidence and new reviews, as the Attorney General explained.