Since it has become a global phenomenon since the summer 2020, which came home in 2020 from a pandemic, Among US offers groups of friends and family the opportunity to have ridiculously hectic fun, regardless of the distance they have from each other. With the room suits of the characters of Among US, players around the world have shown how loyal (or illegal) they can be their next and dear in the interest of victory.

Currently, the extremely popular social detective game has 12 different crew members to choose from, each of which carries its own color. The selection of a particular color tone guarantees you no competitive advantage, if you try to find out who the cheater is, but it is a good-proof way to make sure there are no two among us characters look the same as they look like Cut the done tasks.

Fortunately, as a player, they do not have to deal with a monotonous expression because each of the under US characters can be adapted in different ways. Put a cheese hat, close your abdominal snow mate skin and place your pet poor on the leash, now you are suddenly a completely new crew member… or scammers.

But who are the characters among us? And what are the character colors of Among US? Continue reading to find out.

Among us characters

On the different Among US cards you will find tiny, dwelling bean men with floating hands — the crew members of these different trips are the Among US characters. However, while they take peacefully their duties, suspicious activities occur. Slowly, however, every member of the crew is picked up by a dark scamming, which has penetrated into her ship.

In the course of the game, the characters of Among US have to work together to find out who is the scammers of them, and throw them into the abyss, otherwise the total destruction threatens. Through the power of the deduction, these bean-based life forms are slowly working through the possibilities — in addition to a few accidental boats of innocent crew members — until they finally nail their attacker.

Among us character colors

Under us characters, by default, do not have a unique name. In fact, they are generally designated only by the color of their suit. However, players can change this by clicking, Entering Names in the Online ‘menu, and enter your own alias. However, let it count because you can not switch in the middle of the round.

Here are the 12 character colors among us:


And there you have it, everyone among us character in the game straight. Although the characters outside their inter-colored suits do not differ from each other, players around the world have attributed their own personality to each of these little workers beans.