Claudia Urbschat-Mingues (born June 5, 1970, in Hidden) is a German starlet, simultaneous and amphitheater and dialogue author. Because the 2000s, she has turned into one of the most commonly used women sync voices in Germany. In 2006, she remained in the Kaul-Synchron listing in area among the German simultaneous actresses. It is well understood by the persisting synchronization of Angelina Jolie, Maria Hello, Rosario Dawson, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Vera Farming, Jennifer Connelly as well as Lana Carrillo.

Every time less is missing for the premiere of The Matrix Resurrections, so little by little we will know more details about this anticipated film. On this occasion it is time to talk about one of the most emblematic characters of the franchise, the agent Smith, who will apparently be back for this fourth installment, only that not as many thought.

Talk to the magazine DAZED, Aleksander Demon, Screenwriter of The Matrix Resurrections, confirmed that the SMITH AGENT will be present in the footage. However, the appearance of it on the tape will not be like many perhaps thought. In the words of demon themselves:

Yes, Smith is, but they have a different role. It is not what they would think. I can not wait for them to see it.

In the same way, he confirmed that the relationship between Neo and trinity will be one of the key pillars for the film, although obviously, he did not want to give many details about it. Luckily, you just miss a little less than a month to enjoy the tape.

In case you missed it, here we leave you the new individual posters of this movie.

The Matrix Resurrections | The Matrix Legacy | Warner Bros. Entertainment
The Matrix Resurrections will come to Film Salas December 22 of this year.

Editor’s Note: From before it was suspected that the SMITH agent would go back on the tape, but now it has been confirmed to one hundred percent. We do not know exactly what demon refers to his comments that he will be different, but at least we know that he will have a certain presence.