IGA Baumgart-Witan (birthed April 11, 1989, in Bydgoszcz) is a Polish professional athlete, an expert of 400 m.

Normally, press conferences serve before playing rarely to really bring light into the dark. Sometimes the coaches can not finalize nothing, but mostly they do not want this. Finally, you like the opponent like to be unclear as long as possible.

At least in a personnel, Steffen Rampart has expressed itself two days before the Headache Derby but very concrete — in the Anthony Modest, which had been replaced in Mainz with an extremely painful pelvic impeller.

The way back is broken down from the scorer as desired. The 33-year-old made optimism spreading on Thursday. Tony is back on the training place. He feels good, so he will be an option for the game, Rampart explained.

It is important that he also runs normally again and not like his own grandfather.

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Steffen Rampart via Modest

The pain is Tolerable, the bruise is back, the movement fits again. Or as Rampart calls it: As far as everything looks good, but that’s not comparable to a game yet. It is important that he is also running normally again and not like his own grandfather.

The harder test has not yet been denied. Nevertheless, Rampart is confident: Of course we did not do any two-fights, but I assume that two days will help him well. That’s why it’s more than an option.

Modest is most likely to play and start in this case. But very much more the Cologne coach did not reveal then, held back for other personnel and system issues.

shirt can start — but may he?

Whether key players Ell yes Shirt will play after his Joker use from the beginning? Rampart: The chances are good, but the thing is that DA and Salish did very well on the position.

Whether the FC, which with Shirt mostly with a six, without the Tunisia but with two defensive midfield players, could return to the system with a six? That would be an option, says the FC coach, but also depends on whether one with two pointed games — what rampart with the reference to the purely theoretically not 100 percent clarified personnel modest bandage: There are still one Couple questions open.

One of the best teams we have.

Steffen Rampart About Playback

However, Rampart became very concrete regarding the opponent and Derby character. The Russia sees the FC coach as one of the best teams that we have, and they are not for nothing now in a clearly positive trend. They will play the international squares until the end.

Such bisant neighborhood duels knows Rampart from his stations in Paderborn or at Union Berlin — but not in these dimensions. For me, it’s the first derby in this size, he gives unfunded. The only sports rivalry between the clubs enjoys him alone.

Clear goal and not wishful thinking

And in this, the new Cologne coach wants to know the opportunities of his team despite the high appreciation for the opponent not low. I think I feel that I feel, we can win this game. We can go in with the clear goal and not only with wishful thinking, he explained with reference to the brought services, if we succeed, you will see, But we have very good opportunities to decide the game for us.

Rampart demonstrated again the new Cologne self-confidence, and then to send his Gladbacher ADI Hunter to his Gladbacher ADI Hunter. Whether the FC could also run with a triple chain this season after trying it in the test against Paderborn (4: 0), the coach was asked. Ramparts Unique Answer: That can happen quite, but I promise: not against Playback!