On the internet video games are video games played over a local area network. The evolution of these video games parallels the evolution of computers as well as computer networking, with new innovations improving the crucial functionality needed for playing computer game on a remote web server. Many video games have an on the internet part, allowing gamers to bet or en masse with players throughout a network around the globe.

In January 2022, the new MMORPG Broken Ranks appears (PC). This promises dungeons, Raids, an interesting combat system and, above all, a fair payment model, where you should come even without the use of money to the shop currency. We betrayed from Mango how you come to the currency and what is generally behind the game.

What is Broken Ranks? Broken Ranks is an MMORPG in the ISO perspective similar to Lost Ark or Diablo. It puts a dark atmosphere, a lot story and offers a round-based combat system in which you have time for 10 seconds to set an action. One knows such a system more of single play playing such as Final Fantasy or Atlantic online, but most MMORPGs rely on real-time struggles.

In addition, Broken Ranks sets up:

A non-linear story told Story
An open game world with a mix of 2.5D and 3D graphics
7 different classes
Group content such as dungeons and raids
PVP content, which will take place in special areas
Crafting and trade between players

The game is developed by the Polish Indie Studio White moon. They focused on an English and Polish localization in their old games. However, Broken Ranks will also appear in German, Russian and Portuguese.

How to finance the game? Broken Ranks will be a Free2Play MMORPG and sets a real money shop to finance. More details about this shop and the associated currency Platinum have now revealed new details.

Developers want happy players and therefore renounce Pay2Win

How does the real money currency in the game? Basically, the shop puts on the currency Platinum, which you can buy for real money. But she is also in -Game tradable.

You can act Platinum in exchange for gold or equipment with other players or theoretically just give away. Similarly, as is the case with Warframe. To do this, you draw the box with platinum into the commercial window, such as gold or equipment in other MMORPGs.

In addition, you should also get the premium currency as a reward for achieving certain levels milestones and for special in game events.

What about the shop? What exactly is in the shop in it has not been revealed yet. However, the following statements have been met:

It should give cosmetic content.
Spending real money should never be forced.
New equipment will only be erupted by MOBS and BUGS in the game or can get directly from other players through the commercial window.
Many of the objects in the shop should also be manufactured by crafting themselves.

The developers emphasize both in the blog post and in the FAQ for the game that Pay2Win should not be an issue in Broken Ranks.

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When will Break Ranks? Broken Ranks should celebrate his release in January 2022. An exact date has not yet been mentioned. For the time being, it will only appear in its own client. However, developers think about a release on Steam.

Further details on the game and a first assessment, for whom it is worthwhile, we have put together here:

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