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The MCU to Hawkeye and Spider-Man No Way Home

In 2021, the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has opened wide the doors. A whole multiverse full of chaos and magic just waiting to go against the superheroes. The Disney + series Hawkeye and Spider-Man: No Way Home have yet another way brought to the table: a part of the Marvel world, have criminally neglected at least the MCU films and series.

New York’s underworld and its Kingpin

New York can be as dangerous as the darkest corners of the universe in the Marvel Comics. Instead, extraterrestrial threats here cavort crime syndicates. Above all is Wilson Fisk, comic readers better known as the Kingpin. The top criminals’ prince of New MCU: Daredevil and Kingpin in MCU — even played by the same actors. Source: Nicole Pirelli / Netflix York underworld has (usually) no superpowers, with its enormous power and toughness, but he can take on heroes like Spider-Man and Daredevil well.

Above all, Wilson Fisk is but a calculating and extremely successful manipulator that gets through flattery, threats and a lot of money, what he wants. In many stories set in the New York underworld, has this popular villain therefore roughly the same status as a Thanos or Dr. Doom — he’s the big bad boss.

Even beyond the Kingpin Marvel’s New York has plenty of interesting characters to offer. The blind crime fighter Daredevil belongs to heroes like Luke Cage and Jessica Jones, but also characters such as Bullseye, Electra, the Punisher and Hammerhead. Together most of the stories from the New York underworld have to be a little more down to earth than the Marvel Comics who play in space, or where it goes straight to the fate of the world. Often personal problems of the characters are brought to the table and between good and evil, there is a lot of shades of gray.

Netflix vs. Disney +

Anyone who follows Marvel for some time, will certainly remember Netflix productions such as Daredevil Jessica Jones, Punisher and the Defenders. They played in New York, were very dark and mature and contained many of the characters that have just been addressed. By contractual reasons but the Netflix Marvel series ended very abruptly, just before Disney’s own streaming service Disney + launched.

That now with Charlie Cox and Vincent D’Ontario in Spider-Man: No Way Home and Hawkeye precisely the two actors as Daredevil Matt MCU 2022 receives Maya Lopez, also known as Echo, her own series. Source: Marvel / Disney Murdock and Kingpin Wilson Fisk were occupied, who played in the Netflix series these roles, heated naturally to the speculation that at least some Netflix characters also comes into MCU. Disney probably just wanted to wait until the legal situation regarding use of Netflix characters was safe enough. This is suggested that three of the Disney + serials that are to come in 2022, have points of contact with the New York underworld: She-Hulk, Moon Knight and echo.

Spider-Man No Way Home Thor 4 Easter Eggs and Crossover Explained - Marvel Phase 4
The latter continues the story of Maya Lopez, who was one of the opponents of Clint Barton and Kate Bishop in the Hawkeye series. Or not — in the last episode of Hawkeye she meets her mentor, the Kingpin, and shoots him. Comic fans know that the last sentence, Wilson Fisk says before echo shoots at him, is the same, he also said at the beginning of the echo comic series. There, the Kingpin acts as a single opponent and also Daredevil has a cameo.

As Spider-Man fits into the whole thing?

The chances that Peter Parker has more than a cameo in one of the series or a similar project, but are low. For this, the hero is the one hand, too famous, on the other hand, the legal situation is complicated in terms of its utilization. However, we see Man Spider-at the end of: No Way Home that Spider-Man is at least hang around longer in New York in the near future as in space or on missions to the MCU: Even Spider-Man could work to do in New York to have. Source: Sony / Marvel world. Dressed in a new, self-sewn costume hear Peter Parker the police radio and embarks on a crime fighter, just as he does it in the comics and the old Spider-Man films. In the comics he gets caught again and again with Kingpin and other criminals’ princes in conflict.

So if there are other Spider-Man films in the MCU, it is quite likely that Peter will have to do with the criminals and heroes from New York’s streets at least at the beginning, as with a cosmic threat. If some of them have already occurred in Marvel series, they could again have a Cameo appearance, such as Matt Murdock in Spider-Man: No Way Home. Ultimately, Disney will probably wait how successfully become the next Disney + series. If you have the same success as Hawkeye, might actually swing by Spider-Man. The links marked are affiliate links. Affiliate links are no ads, as we are independent in the search and selection of the presented products. For product sales we receive a small commission, with which we partially finance the free content of the website.

Real Madrid String list Two big earners should still go in winter

The Real Madrid Club de Fútbol, better referred to as Real Madrid or merely Actual, is a Spanish expert football club based in Madrid. Winner of numerous national and also worldwide titles, he received from the International Football Association Federation (FIFA) the honorary title of the most significant club of the twentieth century.
Started in 1902 by Julián Palacios and also the Brothers Juan and also Carlos Padres, the Madrid Football Club is utilized in 1920 the title Actual (significance royal in Spanish) by King Alphonse XIII as well as his name is Hispanicized in 1941 to materialize Madrid. Futon Club. Real Madrid imposes on the top of the European football in the mid-1950s, under the chairmanship of Santiago Bernabéu, by winning the first 5 editions of the European Mug of Champions Clubs. In the 1980s, the Club has again one of the most effective teams in Europe, nicknamed the Quinta del Beware ( The Vulture Strip ), which won two times the UEFA Cup. Real Madrid returns to the very early 2000s with his plan to recruit the very best gamers worldwide, which is worth the label galactic. In 2021, the Club includes its document 34 titles of Spanish Champ, 13 wins in the Champions League as well as 4 corporal cup edge clubs, 3 records in this location.

Eden Hazard Debut For Real Madrid (vs Bayern Munich)
In the house, the club typically advances all in white, which is worth the nickname of Los Blanco ( Whites ). The club has actually been developing given that 1947 at Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, located in the facility of Madrid, whose capacity is 81,044 places considering that its last restoration in 2006.
Real Madrid has enduring rivalries with some clubs, consisting of FC Barcelona (fight in between both clubs, nicknamed El Clásico, is among one of the most popular football history) and with the other huge club. From the Spanish funding the Atlético de Madrid in the Madrid derby.
Unlike most European clubs, Real Madrid is the collective residential or commercial property of its societies (its participants), that have actually managed it because its development. Yet the club is the one that creates the most income in the world.

Real Madrid apparently wants to get several players from the salary list. The club-near newspaper MARCH has published a string list.

The club should therefore abandon the two major earners Gareth Bale and DISCO. Trainer Carlo Ancelotti has no use for the duo after no use.

A contract extension at Bale and DISCO, whose working papers expire at the end of the season, is not an issue at all. In addition, the royal to three other attackers should be talking to talks when a prospect becomes imagined.

These are Luka Join, Mariano Diaz and Eden Hazard, who are also permanent reservists. At Hazard, it was also given rumors about a return to his youth club OSC Lille.

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The future of Club Icon Marcelo, who has barely played as a captain of the team this season, is left to the player itself. His contract is also running.

Real coach Carlo Ancelotti about the problems of Eduardo Camavinga He has to learn

Carlo Ancelotti, Trainer of Real Madrid, has evidenced the situation of new entry Eduardo Camping. The 19-year-old Frenchman had come to the Blanco for 31 million euros in the summer of State Rennes, but only plays a secondary role. He has to learn and experience on his position, said Ancelotti as.

As a central midfielder Camping competes at Real with numerous international top stars, which in contrast to him have a lot of routine. Every day he trains with Madrid, Crews and Casino is a plus for him, said Ancelotti now.

The Real Coach certified Camping immense quality, even if the rarely was allowed to show.

Articles and videos about the topic
Ancelotti is sure: Hazard is back

That's Why Carlo Ancelotti Loved Eduardo Camavinga
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In the league, Camping was so far only five times in the Start elf, in the Champions League only in one of the six group games.

Today s Steam Sekiro and Take Take

Mass Effect: Legendary edition is a remastered of the first 3 video games of the Mass Effect series, established by BioWare and edited by Electronic Arts. The refill was announced on November 7 (N7day) 2020, released May 14, 2021.

23rd, Steam Winter Discounts began. Most of the classic discounts were driven in the game, and the faces familiar with the top sales rankings worldwide were emerged.

Steam Winter Sale 2021: RPGs, Soulslikes, Metroidvanias, And Survival Games To Buy (Christmas Sale)
The uniquely noticeable game is ‘Senior: Shadow This’. Senior, who had no frequent discounts compared to the famous tax and sales volume, seems to receive a lot of interest to gamers that were anticipated to be a 50% discount on the second time since the last summer discount.

The take-to-take-up looked back. High rating and more game Awards 2021 Got Award, etc., appeared as the first half-value discount. In addition, Red Dead Red Demonstration 2, which was all discounted, has a seat in the Cyber ​​Punk 2077, and the Mass Effect Legendary Edition was also seated in the top of the Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

The top simultaneous users of the steam day, the TOP 20 is noticeable in the middle of 20, and the decline in Final Fantasy 14, which was ranked as a new rehab update.

Bravely Default II Cumulative Shipping DL Sales Bulletball Sales 30 OFF Memorial Sale Twitter Follow RT Campaign Start

Square Enix has announced that the world’s Cumulative shipments and DL sales books of Bravely Default II exceeded 1 million. Nintendo switches are also selected for the Download Ranking TOP30 in the first half of 2021.

Bravely Default 2 Review (Indonesia)

This work draws four new light warriors’ adventures on the Royal Route RPG with the Bravely series and Oct op Traveler developed five countries.

In commemoration of the overall 10 million copies, 30% OFF sale is being performed in the download version of this work. In addition, Baby Default II Official Twitter Account has an original Amazon gift certificate of 5,000 yen, and a hand-painting commemorative illustration of the character design island, a follower and RT campaign is held.

Bravely Default II 30% OFF sale is held from December 22, 2022, to January 17, 2022, and the price is 5,236 yen. The STEAM version will begin from December 23, 2021.

Countdown of the best video games Roguelite of 2021

A genre defined by the Shape holder in 1980, Rogue lite Games present a unique challenge to the player. Death is an expected part of the experience. A rogue lite game will see the hero to raise a more and more difficult challenge — often located in an environment or a randomly generated scenario — than falling and return to the beginning. Although death in video games is not new, regulates often strip players from any non-essential equipment, forcing them to start again with completely random pickups at the next race. These games tend to have a shorter global narrative as a whole, but present a unique challenge that encourages the development of skills, acquired patience and rapid study to survive.

This year has seen the launch of an unprecedented number of Regulates, each offering something unique to each other, be it a new narrative turn or a curious mechanical combination. Here is the top 10 Nominations for the best rogue lite of COCOONED in 2021.

TOP 15 BEST Roguelike (Roguelite) GAMES YOU SHOULD PLAY IN 2021 & 2022 | Nintendo Switch, Steam

UNLIGHTED is an apocalyptic rogue lite that offers a multitude of familiar game pieces combined in a single adventure. The hero, Alma, is an android who comes alive to fight in the Arcadia City war between humans and robots. To remain sensitive, the machines must collect the anima of a fallen meteor or to be destined to become not bladed. Given 579 hours to take control of anima and save people, which seems long for the player quickly sowing for others.

This game offers objects and puzzles reminiscent of The Legend of Zelda, skills-based adventure game combat mechanisms to balance endurance levels and HP, and a manufacture similar to that of Minecraft. The NPCs have their own clocks that turn, and there are steps to extend their lifetime, but this is quickly summarized to the characters the player deems necessary and who can be sacrificed. Unsifted covers many familiar game territories, but each piece captures a key gasoline of the game parts to create a stimulating and satisfying.

Curious blend of Rogue lite and Deck Construction Mechanics, Grasslands takes place in a dark future of barter science fiction and battle at every street corner. The cards of your custom deck not only control specific combat techniques to use in combat, but they also offer a multitude of features that do not require a pistol in hand. Persuading a bartender to provide information, question a criminal to give him something you need or talk with casualness to get you out of a shooting are all viable solutions to any situation in Grasslands if you have found the map to do it. If you discover at your expense that intimidating a boss of the mafia was a bad idea, you will come back with the opportunity to adjust your deck and try something new. There are many ways to play each situation, and the use of the Deck building function to adjust your game style offers a much more flexible and personalized experience every time you play and that you inevitably fall.

A more traditional version of Rogue lite Classic RPG combination, Undermine sees the player falling into an underground dungeon responsible for defeating all the bad guys and finding his way to the heart of the dungeon itself. Along the way, players will save prisoners, pick up gold and booty, will use crafts and walk the levels generated to an unfortunate end, before going back to start again and try again. The fight is fast and fluid but more accessible than a set of infernal bullets. Unlike many RPGs, Undermine allows the player to jump at will to avoid objects or dodging incoming attacks. At the base, Undermine releases this feeling of inexplicable driving of just a race more every time you fall, because it never seems quite unfair, but it encourages you rather to learn from your mistakes and to dive more deeply in the dungeon.

An extremely popular title, Latham is a survival rogue lite in the third person in which the fallen vikings have to prove their value before climbing to Valhalla. WALDHEIM can be played solo or with friends and strongly depends on the collection of materials to make weapons, shelter and survive through an open world map generated procedurally. It offers several variable difficulty biomes and a day and night cycle to keep players on their guards. Health and stamina must be restored by eating, and the quality of the food will affect the way they are reconstructed. Agriculture, food search and hunting are key mechanisms to survive in the quest for players to overcome WALDHEIM’s five bosses before you can go up. It is a constant tension and tactical patience set. You must build fortifications, cultivate the fields and become strong before rushing to repress the animals and take your place in Valhalla. Try it too early could prove to be your loss.

One of the most punitive nominees, Curse of the Dead Gods is presented as an isometric dungeon robot with fast and intense fights. Going down in the depths of a bottomless tomb filled with evil gods, the player will find new weapons, looting and treasures as he digs. The more they explore, the more they become corrupted by curses born from greed. The curses will offer new random capabilities such as fire to enemies, then explode or become invisible by avoiding the danger, but like any good curse, it will have a price. Using a beautiful artistic style in the shadow of cells, Curse of the Dead Gods wants players quickly come to the heart of action and defy their survival skills from the start. If the player falls, what you will do, you will lose your new brilliant weapons and powerful new curses, to start again. Everything about Curse of the Dead Gods is fast and fluid, and it is certainly not for sensitive souls.

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Dunpa is lowered with

In Dun pa, Equipment Facing is a key and a factor that takes a lot of gamers. Currently, Dun pa Equipment is uniform with the so-called ‘dill (dill). Equipment Farming tends to be left behind in luck rather than effort. In other words, the play is to force the same dungeon to acquire the equipment for the meta. In addition, the so-called ‘graduation set’ is so louder, and if the maximum level is expanded, you must repeat the jamming again.

This time, the Dunbar producer tips this structure. At the same time as extending the maximum level at 100 levels at the level 110 level, the dependence on the specific equipment does not increase the dependence on the level, and reduces the jamming burden. More information was released through Dun pa Festival 2021, on the 19th. In the field, Soon, Yeo-jin, has announced a great change in Dun pa itself during a 2-hour half a half years ago.

First, on December 23, the Armor, Jersey, Paralyzed, Municipal, and Munich’s assistance illustrations will be replaced, and the character-related changes such as client optimization, and new former assaulting, synergy, and synergies are applied to reduce racks and delays in January. In February, Nam NEN Master and Nam Spit Pail Renewal are applied and the Ziggy is released.

As such, the character and optimization of the foundation are also added to the 110 level expansion and related content from March 17th. Soon, Myung-jin, said, I think there are a lot of people who are so long that the period is too long. However, we prepared winter updates and events to complement spaces.

From OMA Seals to New Reid ‘Rifting King Basal’ to

Dungeon maximum levels are extended at 110 levels at 100 levels and add new stories and dungeons. In March, the scenario dungeon and the general dungeon are presented, and two of the general dungeons. Dun pa is the first to increase the maximum level, not five units, but the first time in the first time in the first time. There are many ready contents, and new dungeons and raids appear after March.

First, Story deals with Saint Mikaela after sealing her apostle OMA in her body. Mikael was successful to seal her OMA, but she did not completely purify the energy, and therefore another disaster appears in Arab. The noblesse code that is against the power of the Earl Painting is a new area of ​​the Noblesse Code, the familiar, who is waiting for a fuzzy.

Then, after March, a new type of dungeon ‘Legion’, which connects the new top dungeon ‘Master’s laboratories’ and the advanced dungeon and raid, appears. The first Legion, which appeared for the first time, is the ‘dedicated land, ISIN’, which is progressing to a 4-person party. Master’s lab in May, the ISIN comes out in July. And in September, New Reid ‘Widow King Bad’ is emerging. In Basal’s palace, Balkan and punishment are treated with the last days, and the production of the story is introduced.

In this case, the 110 level expansion is carried out, and the production dummy is largely in mind that the dungeon plays on the dungeon play. It is to reduce the repetition of excessive repetition, which is not to force the party to be a magic growth, which is not to be forced to do to the process itself.

Why It Might Be Good to Have Herpes | Trained Immunity

First, the full-time director of the character growth process was It’s a very important part of the process, and it’s a process to go to Farming. So he was able to naturally spread in the growth process. That is, the scenario dungeon is not a quick passing section, but to work with a section that grows the character through naming.

In other words, in addition to the laid, the importance of the dungeon is increased. Especially at the time of the highest level expansion, there is no hell party, and Epic Equipment is dropped in the general dungeon, the scenario dungeon, and the advanced dungeon. Specifically, the Noblesse Code, one of the advanced dungeons, can be cleared at the same time as the character of the character in the same account, and the compensation is also received. This dungeon, This dungeon is highly in the forefront, and each character can pick that each character suits him.

Subsequently, the device that prevents the party play was introduced as ‘difficulty’. Scenario Dungeon difficulty can be appropriate for the situation to the normal king, and the Heroes that can be highly underwent is introduced. Soon, the unusual director, The normal is achieved by a 100 level, and King is able to smoothly clear if the OMA graduation set is set. He also said, He also said, Heroes offer a fun, Heroes, he said, Heroes said, He said, he said, Heroes said, Heroes said, Heroes said, Heroes said, Heroes said, Heroes said.

Finally, the admission ticket system is applied to the advanced dungeon in a dimension that reduces repeated play burden. In the conventional, the advancement is a method in which the number of daily positions is limited. The production team has been recognized as a damage to the player when the time limit is a day, and it was determined that the play burden has resulted in a weighted result. This varies in a manner that purchases ‘admission tickets’ that can enter the advanced dungeon with ‘Play point’ that can be collected through the dungeon play and can be collected through the dungeon play. The general director of Soon, said, The admission ticket and the play point are collected, and it will not be able to use the dungeon as much as the number of times the dungeon was used. In addition, the mission and achievements that can be achieved by a kind of dungeon and can be achieved.

Why is the maximum level of the character, but is the item level 105?

Over the past few years, the maximum level of character and item has been equally guessed. This time, this time, the maximum level is 110, and the item is at 105 levels. The reason is that it preserves the value of the existing 100 levels and to lower the equipment piping burden. In addition, it grants freedom to optional settings, not to secure a specific item, but a variety of combinations.

First, the 105-level item is not a set of equipment that needs to match multiple sites and is all a single item. Because the equipment does not tie to a set, it is also disappeared by the reason to match a specific set. The general director of Soon, Jong-il said, Because there are several areas to see the set effect, the liberation of the setting is also reduced, and the flaming period for obtaining a particular site is long, said the reason for providing all items.

Among them, a new 105 level weapons is added by two types by type. One is compliant with the Damage option, and the other has an option to customize each character skill. The probability of the character of the character to be dropped here is the probability that the weapon of the character will be dropped. There are a dozens of characters in Dump, there is a stress that the weapons that have been difficult to get, are not the same for their jobs, so users are stressed. This difficulty is reduced if the procures of the weapons are likely to drop. In addition, it simplifies rare, unique, leveraging rating root before Epic, and performance is strengthened than conventional.

Here, it is expanded to expand good equipment according to the unrecognized effort. Basically, the more difficult the dungeon, the higher the device, the higher the device is dropped, and the optional growth system, which is dropped with higher equipment, the same option is synthesized, and to drive the level and experience on one side. The Owner Director can be used as 105 levels as well as OMA Reid Convergence Equipment among 100 levels to 100 level Epic Equipment, Sirocco Raid Convergence Equipment, which is converted to maximum value, and reverberation fusion inorganic materials, which are imparted to the blackening fusion. After acquiring new equipment, it is possible to confirm that the performance is significantly increased when synthesizing this equipment with a material. In addition, 100 levels of mythical equipment and product equipment have been maintained that the performance of the new Epic Equipment is to grow to the final stage.

In addition, the option itself is also added to ‘Custom Optional Equipment’. The Owen Directory will be able to play an individual with the options that the user wants. Items itself can not be easily obtained, but this is also strong as you play steadily. However, it is not just a customized fixed optional equipment, but it is not interrupted to play all content, and there is a fixed device with attractive new options. In addition, custom optional equipment is introduced by bringing one desired option to other equipment and overwrites ‘optional transmission’.

In addition, various contents were also released. First, the effect is similar, too many kinds of cosmetic damage and buff options to be chaotic. Related options that mean the increase in damage are Increased damage to ‘Damage, the buff-related options are marked as’ buffing.’ Then, all skill maximum cooldown is limited to 70%, and the equipment switching is limited if a monster is present in the middle of the battle. In addition, we have a ‘reputation limit’ in the dungeon position. Finally, in the action property enhancement dimension, the lower level skill utilization is increased, adjusting the character and monster defense, and the play pattern is uniform with ‘dill’.

Peacemaker new individual posters of the protagonists and premiere with three episodes

Mad Max is an Australian post-apocalyptic action movie series squadron Suicide well squadron Suicide media franchise business produced by George Miller and Byron Kennedy. It started in 1979 with Mad Max, and wsquadron Suicide adhered to by three sequels: Mad Max 2 (1981, relesquadron Suicideed in the United States squadron Suicide The Roadway Warrior), Mad Max Beyond Thunder dome (1985) and Mad Max: Fierceness Roadway (2015); Miller guided or co-directed all four films. Mel Gibson starred in the first three films and Tom Hardy took control of squadron Suicide Max in the 4th film.
The series complies with the adventures of Max Rockatansky, a police policeman in a future Australia which is experiencing social collapse because of battle and vital resource scarcities. When his partner and youngster are murdered by a vicious biker gang, Max eliminates them in vengeance and ends up being a wandering loner in the Marsh. squadron Suicide Australia degenerates additionally into barbarity, this skilled warrior of the roadway discovers himself squadron Suicidesisting pockets of civilization, at first for his own self-involvement, however his motives constantly wander right into even more selfless ones.
The collection hsquadron Suicide actually been favored by critics, with each movie marked Qualified Fresh on the film evaluation gathering internet site Rotten Tomatoes; Mad Max 2 and also Fury Roadway in specific have been ranked amongst the very best activity movies ever before made. The series hsquadron Suicide also had a considerable influence on prominent society, most especially apocalyptic squadron Suicide well squadron Suicide post-apocalyptic fiction, and incorporates operate in additional media, including computer game squadron Suicide well squadron Suicideic publications. In 2016, Fury Road became the very first film of the Mad Max franchise to get Academy Honor recognition, winning 6 of its 10 elections.
North American rights to the initial film were previously had by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (through the libraries of Orion Pictures squadron Suicide well squadron Suicide American International Photo), however in 2021, complete civil liberties changed to Warner Bros., hence WB now hsquadron Suicide the whole Mad Max franchise.

Peacemaker or the Pacifier (Title for Spain) continues to share promotional material for its premiere next January 2022 at HBO Max, the new series of James Gun after the squadron Suicide and starring John Dinner that will debut with its three first episodes. So much so, that its managers have published the individual posters of their main protagonists, from the Peacemaker himself to the vigilante, psquadron Suicidesing by some components of the new Tsquadron Suicidek Force and even the msquadron Suicidecot of the antihero, the Eagle.

That’s how the Peacemaker protagonists are

Peacemaker | Official Trailer | HBO Max

Thus, and through different accounts of HBO Max along the planet, their managers have shared the different individual posters of the Peacemaker protagonists, reviewing and presenting in images A Peacemaker (John Dinner), his pet EARLY, an imposing eagle, vigilante (Freddie Stoma) or what is the same, the second most attractive superhero of the series, Clemson Turn (Chukchi Fuji), Emilia Harcourt (Jennifer Holland) and John Economics (Steve Age).

On the other hand, it hsquadron Suicide been confirmed that the January 13, 2022, day of the series premiere in HBO Max for everyone, the first three episodes will be offered, although for the moment The total number of chapters that Peacemaker will have is unknown. Of course, each chapter will lsquadron Suicidet between 40 and 44 minutes, according to his director James Gun.

Recall that the Peacemaker series follows the adventures of the character played by John Dinner after the events of the suicidal squad, where he wsquadron Suicide practically injured of death. In the waiting series clarify what happened to the antihero and the threat that he will have to face to return to action.

Peacemaker premieres at HBO MAX The next January 13, 2022 with its first three episodes.

Agricultural Simulator 22 First update is here

Farm fans are looking forward to the first major content update for the Agricultural Simulator 22. It not only contains a lot of heavy devices, but is still free. Nestled in patch 1.2, the publisher and developer Giants software adds new vehicles and devices to the game 16 new vehicles. While the new trailer (see below) demonstrates this, a comprehensive Change log introduces a variety of optimizations and improvements for the virtual country life.

LS 22: New brands

With the Case IH Stager Quadrat and its 692 horsepower, an absolute favorite of the fans celebrates his comeback in Agricultural Simulator 22 — together with other members of his brand family. But manufacturer Giants also introduce other trademarks: The US Manufacturer Abi Attachments debuts on the side of Kongskilde Agriculture from Denmark and Servant from the Netherlands.

Abi 1600
Abi 550
Amazon T-Pack u
Beech track pack
Case IH Stager Quadrat AFS Connect Series
Case IH Stager Contract AFS Connect Series
Case IH Stager Wheeled AFS Connect Series
Flies Agar Technology Noah BTW 140
Kongskilde GDF 3605 P
Kongskilde GET 13005 P
Crown Big Pack 1290 HD PVC
Crown GO 520
Kuhn Prior 15070 m
Landing Series 7 Robots
Smash Tornado 252
Servant Hydro Trike 5×5

HUGE GAME CHANGING UPDATE!! - Farming Simulator 22

Agricultural Simulator 22: Many Improvements

Numerous additions and improvements optimize the farmer experience: In addition to fresh machines, Giants software adds new Placeable like a mobile home farmhouse and an old barn, including free placement for a more flexible court building. Working in the fields is now a bit more understandable, because the field information now shows earnings potential and the recommended tool to remove weeds.

HELP: Other updates announced

The first content update with these and other improvements as well as bug fixes is now available as part of the patch 1.2. Giants Software will continue to provide updates in the future and supports its own mod lift on which user-generated content is available for download.

The Agricultural Simulator 22 appeared on November 22, 2021, for PC, Mac, PlayStation 5/4, Xbox Series X / S / ONE and STADIA. For the distribution in Germany, Aragon Entertainment is again responsible. Further information can be found on the official Farming simulator website and on the Aragon homepage.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake PS5 or PC where does it look better This comparative video gives the answers

Final Fantasy VII REMAKE | PC vs PS5 | Graphics Comparison
Final Fantasy 7 Remake has just been released on PC after an exclusivity period in PlayStation consoles. The adventures of Cloud, Barrel, FIFA and Company are a Go, which can also be enjoyed now from compatible systems. But, it is inevitable to ask the million-dollar question. Do you look better on PC or PS5? The Bit Analyst, an expert in this type of technical analysis, takes us out of doubt in the new video of him. In the video we can see some differences, such as that the PC version can be executed up to 120 fps if we have a powerful equipment, while in PS5 alternates between 30 and 60 depending on the mode Choose. In addition, the PC version includes all the next-gene improvements that came to the PS5 version, which evidence has been a direct port of the Sony console. The analyst points out that both platforms have the same quality of shadows, textures, anisotropic filtering, drawn distance, lighting, etcFinal Fantasy 7 Remake has just been released on PC after an exclusivity period in PlayStation consoles. The adventures of Cloud, Barrel, FIFA and Company are a Go, which can also be enjoyed now from compatible systems. But, it is inevitable to ask the million-dollar question. Do you look better on PC or PS5? The Bit Analyst, an expert in this type of technical analysis, takes us out of doubt in the new video of him. In the video we can see some differences, such as that the PC version can be executed up to 120 fps if we have a powerful equipment, while in PS5 alternates between 30 and 60 depending on the mode Choose. In addition, the PC version includes all the next-gene improvements that came to the PS5 version, which evidence has been a direct port of the Sony console. The analyst points out that both platforms have the same quality of shadows, textures, anisotropic filtering, drawn distance, lighting, etc.

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