Today early, a well-considered Nintendo connoisseur threw an interesting mockery on Twitter. @ Samushunter2 published an image of the Clef fa Pokémon, along with a vague language on something we will see in the future. Whatever it is, it is a little related to Pokémon. A follower assumed that this could be an indication of a Pokémon: come on follow-up set in the Photo region. However, @ Samushunter2 hurried to respond that this is not an ad for a new game, much less a sequel to the Nintendo Switch title. Whatever it is, it is causing a lot of curiosity to its followers!

The tweet of @ Samushunter2 can be found embedded below.

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Since this provocation is not related to a new game, some followers of @ Samushunter2 are guessing that I could have something to do with Pokémon legends: Areas. The next game of Nintendo Switch has already revealed several exclusive variants of the HIS UI region, so it is possible that we can see similarly a HESSIAN variant for Clef fa or the rest of the Clef airy line. Of course, the fact that @ Samushunter2 say that it is a little related to Pokémon makes it difficult to determine.

Clef fa is one of the various Baby Pokémon that appeared for the first time in Pokemon gold and silver, next to Fichu, Mag by and more. These Pokémon babies offered new more cute evolution options, which could only be obtained by incubating Pokémon eggs. The Pokémon themselves did not offer much about practical use for players, but some of them have become the favorites of fanatics over the years, especially Fichu. The new evolutions are a form of or and silver expanded the concept of the original games, which is something we have seen in several Pokémon titles in the following years.

With luck, @ Samushunter2 will not make us expect much more for an answer! The track has clearly awakened some curiosity, and fans are eager to know how it could be related to Clef fa. For now, the Followers and fans of Pokémon will only have to wait and see!

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