One Halo Infinite player has actually mistakenly found that you can utilize the game’s Skewer tool to jump shots off man cannons.

ManiacalZManiac, the gamer who discovered the brand-new technique, shared the gameplay clip to the Halo Subreddit, stating, TIL the Skewer is influenced by man cannons. The 21-second-video shows the gamer refilling the tool with the intention of firing it at an adversary across from them, yet their objective seemed to hit the map’s man cannon ramp rather, which after that pushed the Skewer shot to strike the enemy gamer directly.

The Halo Infinite player also made the kill as the player board indicates, suggesting that this method was deliberate on 343 Industries’ part. The video clip also displays a couple of more angles of the kill, showing the Skewer struck the gamer in the head in a perfect arch.

An additional Halo Redditor discussed the video clip with another practical gameplay idea, claiming, You can also obstruct the skewer fired by picking up a ground weapon if you time it ideal, while an additional stated player can drop their weapon if they have an additional to draw off the method.

Elsewhere, one Halo Infinite player had the ability to kill 23 opponents with a single sniper rifle shot after having them all lined up. The video shows them all thrown in reverse as the shot strikes them, while the player’s score raked in points for each and every kill.

Hallo’s multiplayer beta was released free of charge on November 15 in celebration of Xbox and also Halo’s 20th wedding anniversary. The Halo Infinite project will certainly launch on December 8 for PC, Xbox One, and also Xbox Series X’S.

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