Phone call of Obligation: Black Ops Cold was a first-person shooter video game established by Trey arch and Raven software program published by Activision. It is the sixth component of the Call of Duty: World At War Starting Black Ops collection and the seventeenth component of the entire call-of-duty collection. As a direct continuation of Phone call of Responsibility: Black Ops Cold was released on November 13, 2020.

The War zone Integration of Call of Duty Vanguard is just outside the door. In just a few days, a lot of weapons from the time of World War II is thrown into the Battle Royale, while the Arsenal of Vanguard is followed by the already enormous posing of weapons from Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold.

While some of the best war zone weapons from the previous main series games — like the KAR98K rifle of Modern Warfare or the AK-47 of Black Ops Cold — continued to be used in the loadouts of the players, you can bet your lower dollar that some The best Vanguard guns will be as devastating on the new battlefield of Caldera. That brought us thought; When War zone uses the same engine as Vanguard, which weapons from World War II will shoot directly to the top of the War zone Meta?

After what we have learned in multiplayer, there are several weapons with incredible statistics, attributes or attachments that make them perfect weapons for war zone. So let’s take a look at six weapons, of which we believe that they bubble the opposition in the first season of War zone Pacific and become the best War zone weapons in the game.


One of the most underestimated assault rifles in the Vanguard Multiplayer is the NZ-41, and from our time with the weapon we think it will fit well to war zone — of course with the right essays.

With a medium fire rate, decent damage and damage-range statistics and attachments that can improve its average ammunition capacity and recoil control, we believe that the NZ-41 has the potential to become the next meta-top-AR. Modern Warfare had the Max. Black Ops Cold was the EM2. Now Vanguard can provide us the next assault rifle of the top class.


We have an idea that the M1928 will be an absolute monster if you love aggressive SMG game. While it is quite stubborn and weak when it comes to shining exactly in the middle area, the M1928 is a melee hunter, which could cause popular shredder such as Mac-10 and the ITS 9.

It has a fast fire rate, great mobility and with the right essays you can build a decent hip fire. But it has an ASS card that does not have its rivals from the Cold War — a huge ammunition magazine. With access to a 100-shot magazine attachment, the M1928 has LEG ammunition levels. If you want to play aggressively and turn off a whole troop without refurbishing, this may be the best War zone weapon for you in Season 1.

The PPSH-41 from Vanguard also seems to be a similar wild weapon for short distances, but with this enormous magazine scatter and the earlier activation by players, we assume that the M1928 will find more use.


While there is our humble opinion of superior assault rifles over the STG44 in Vanguard, it has a few aces in sweaty little sleeves, which could make it to a nightmare to play against in Season 1 of War zone Pacific.

The majority of players will not only have been fully upgraded and have access to the best essays as it is the first assault rifle to which you can access in Vanguard, it also has the vital capability.

Vital increases the area for critical damage, causing headshots much easier to get. This is in vanguard multiplayer mode, you probably have to say, completely broken, and the STG44 has taken a ridiculous time to kill numbers. To die on a Vital STG44, can really feel like a sniper. It’s so powerful. If it stays so strong in War zone, you immediately send players to Caldera Gulag.


When it comes to machine guns in Vanguard, the MP40 was the most popular choice so far. Similar to the STG44, it’s the first weapon of its class, the players get into their hands. So, therefore, expect many full MP40 Loadouts in War zone.

While in the super-close range of faster firing SMS such as the ITS 9, MAC-10 or even the already mentioned M1928 can be exceeded, the MP40 could rather take over a Bullfrog / LC10 role of previous metal, which offers you a decent accuracy and Mid-range Pump. Maybe a good choice as a sniper support?

Mg 42

There are a few LEGS in the setup of Vanguard, which look like you could be effective in War zone, but the MG 42 certainly reminds us of one of the newer cases of weapon break in Battle Royale.

You all remember the MG 82 of Black Ops Cold was, right? Quick firing, large magazine, low recoil. Well, the MG 42 feels extremely similar with the right attachments, and we suspect that it can also crush similarly.

With a 125-shot magazine as a standard you probably will not need a magazine attachment, which often pulls up other statistics in exchange for more balls.

Top 10 Weapons to Level in Vanguard For Warzone Pacific Integration

War zone would not be a war zone without an irritating Shotgun Meta, and Vanguards Combat Shotgun could be the next candidate. We have already seen that there is some vile things on some smaller maps of Vanguard, and as a near-range secondary device, it will probably cause similar terror in the first season of War zone Pacific.

The unicorn revolving and the Grace car are extremely strong shotgun. Each of these three could blow up a hole into the War zone Meta, but the Combat Shotgun will probably be the one that the players have improved, as they currently prove to be the most popular choice in Vanguard.

The only sticking point could be the maximum magazine screens of these vanguard shotguns, as existing shotguns such as Gallo SA12 or the Street sweeper can offer you more advantage to eliminate large squads. But for solos and duos the Combat Shotgun and her buddies could be a good choice.

Whatever the Battle Pass Weapons are the first season

As the last bonus entry, we look into our crystal ball — but that is a sound guess and no blind shot in the dark. We have seen it both during the time of modern warfare and the Cold War already on many occasions, but weapons in the seasonal Battle passes are usually very good.

In the first season of War zone Pacific we can certainly see how Activity throws at least one overwhelming weapon into the Battle Pass, so that the players can serve chaos. We could be wrong, but it rarely happens that a seasonal weapon does not offer the players strong option for their equipment — even if it is just before a Nerf.

So these are our predictions, which of the best Vanguard weapons are also terrorized the War zone Meta in Season 1. With the promise of smooth and seamless integration, it will be fascinating to see how the Vanguard weapons feel in a Battle Royal environment, and when some top weapons from modern warfare and cold could be with them.