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Although the last time we introduced the columnar joints that lava has created, in turn, that creates the creatures to the contrary, it will address the large anthill. Small termites was assembled to mobilize the forces, functional high-rise building that is not inferior to architecture of the human race, let’s Himotoki its greatness.

Zone with an anthill the northeast area of ​​the wasteland of large anthill. Those of well over the size of the stature of the hunter has lined up a number in the Sahara. And it is the towering the back is large anthill. Or to grow up here by multiplying the integral much of years and effort, not Yogi is hard to imagine.

Structure of the anthill is divided into rigid outer wall and the inner side of the residential area, and built by stacking those mixed with excrement of soil and mud and termites. Stiffness of the outer wall is said to concrete the same level, the Kuzuseru thrust it is much sharp claws of the anteater. It is of course is Hajikikaesa in the extent to which Hunter was hit. A number is in the outer wall there is a vent that extends to the top, to keep the inside of the air at a constant level.

Living quarters are divided into blocks of a number which is partitioned, there is a division of roles, such as food and child support. In compared to the heat of the outside is relatively cool, it has been stable at about 30 degrees. Using this, in the nest have been carried out cultivation of mushrooms, it will produce the food giving nutrients. It is said to be the only farming other than humans do.

What air conditioning function is the structure of the anthill is present, we us to automatically adjust the temperature suitable for the cultivation of mushrooms. Of course, instead of the electrical appliances, the structure of the vertical to the long anthill, and is a mechanism produced by the built-in vents to the outer wall.

Monster Hunter: World - All Monsters [No Damage/Solo/Light Bowgun]

The air in the vents, which are on the outer wall, the rise in inflation and is warmed by the heat, Then born the flow of air toward the top in the entire nest, you will be taken in the cold air of the ground side into the nest. A simple principle that air and heat, it is strange that it is fine natural air conditioning. Inside the large anthill there is a habitat of the camp and Tenor, but if compared with the outside heat wave is growling must be the cool To pleasant space.

(I get the video of the moment real termites. Weak Data, please note)

The mechanism of this natural air conditioning there was an attempt to incorporate in artificial construction. In the East gate Center in Zimbabwe, to absorb the sun’s heat in the building surface, it has caused the flow of the same rise as the anthill. Organisms make of biomimicry, or the structure you have on the body in the research be applied to artifacts, it will be expected to contribute to energy saving.

When the large anthill is at night, you shine faintly wearing the light of the light Sushi. It seems able to take a good photo in the view mode If their timing. This brilliant anthill also, is actually a landscape in the real. The anthill in the Cerrado protected areas of Brazil click beetle that emits light is symbiotic, only to a certain short time, it shines in unison in the fluorescent color in the middle of the night. Attract termites flying with the wings in this light, it clicks beetle is it to the bait. Even in the fantastic and beautiful light, it is not that the trap planted insects carnivorous. Do you have attracted in Bunahabura a big anthill of World ?

And say termites, but is annoying pests that devour the wooden houses in Japan, to decompose the decaying trees and plants in the wild, it owes a role in making the soil. There it is, such as moss and Caligari of responsible for the circulation of nutrition Surname. Location of the anthill is also said to be proof nutrition is rich, termites will be its own other animal nutrition as a valuable source of protein.

Item of Boruborosu in the Monster Hunter ultra interpretation biological theory II : According to the (supervision Kobayashi Katsuki), Boruborosu eat biting each outer shell of the anthill, and the protein of the termites themselves, the plant of the nutrition contained in the nest once of it that there is a possibility that the ingested. Precisely because there is an anthill, So you that huge form of Boruborosu is maintained. Large layer that connects between the plants and animals of the food chain, but it’s an anthill, which is the key to large-scale nutrient cycling.

One of the favorite reason I have the Monster Hunter series, is that there is a large natural dynamism is always the protagonist. Predation scene of the monster is always drawn, hunters also hunt just as the monster with it, consume the delicious cuisine. If human Tsukuriagere the city, its moment befall catastrophe, such as attributable to the ash in. By the expressive power of the stationary machine and the PC, the world that it was rising to vivid.

‘ll struggle. Become part of the ecosystem.

To this word, all the Monster Hunter series has been condensed. The New World, such the same way as, and (in the near future if possible) when you set foot to another new earth, what can you see the dynamism of the shine and the earth of any life, it does not become fun now.


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