Game of Thrones — called thrones game in Spain — is a series of Middle Ages dramatization television and also dream created by David Benioff and D. B. Weiss and also created by the HBO chain. His debate is inspired by the collection of Ice Tune Novels and also Fire, written by the American George RR Martin, and informs the experiences of a team of personalities from various honorable houses on the make believe continent of Point to have control of the iron throne as well as regulate the 7 kingdoms that compose the region.
The growth of the collection dates back to 2006, when Benioff and Weiss had a meeting with Martin to discuss concepts around a television adjustment of their literary product, although the scripts of the pilot episode, Winter season Is Coming, remained. Finished in 2008, the recordings happened in 2010 under the direction of Tim Van Pattern. Throughout eight periods and also greater than sixty episodes, Game of Thrones covers the disagreement of the initial five books of Martin with particular adjustments and also the enhancement of unmatched product from a summary of the author about the future occasions of his literary universe. It is among one of the most costly series in the background of television, whose filming concerned involve up to four units of shooting In parallel and also the production of aesthetic effects needed the simultaneous engagement of as much as fourteen researches in different nations.
The very first episode premiered in April 2011 in the United States and Canada and because 2015 the transmission of its episodes was performed concurrently by more than a hundred countries. The collection has high levels of target market and is among One of the most preferred HBO on need television programs, along with among the greater dramas as well as the most commented television program in 2014. Specific media, such as The Washington Post, Time, The Hollywood Reporter and Rolling Rock cataloged as one of the very best television collection as well as criticism has commended elements such as their activities, scripts, special effects, fights and music sequences, the last in charge of the author Rain Hawaii. Nevertheless, he has likewise obtained negative comments for his scenes of violence, sex and nakedness. Among his countless honors and recognitions protrudes as numerous Emmy Awards acquired in the entire history of the event. His success It has brought about the production of a wide range of items, including toys, video games, books and also reproductions of weapons as well as armor, that makes it among one of the most prominent brand names of the television sector. In the center of 2017 HBO announced its rate of interest in producing new series motivated by ice and also fire track, whose plot would work as an innovator to Game of Thrones occasions.

Among the many consequences of the World Health Crisis In the video game industry, one of them was the cancellation of numerous face-to-face events, among which highlighted the absence of E3 2020. As an alternative, the well-known Journalist and presenter, Geoff Kafka, organized an event that picked up many of the companies that had been left without a set, and spread from May to August.

This 2021 we were able to recover the E3, but Kafka competed with a new edition of the Summer Game Fest, for this time, be very critical with the traditional video game event, after a series of conferences that did not convince the audience. However, the spectators were not much more satisfied with the Kafka event, beyond the celebration of the expected trailer of Elder Ring.

SUMMER GAME FEST: Kickoff Live! Official Stream (Elden Ring, Death Stranding: Director's Cut + More)

Geoff Kafka will share more information during The Game Awards 2021 Apparently, the Geoff Kafka format has come to stay, and the journalist has anticipated through social networks The return of the summer event for next 2022. Although he has not shared more information at the moment, we will have more details throughout this week that comes in the event of The Game Awards 2021.

At the moment, Kafka has promised great surprises for The Game Awards 2021, including an advertising advertisement for more than two years. With regard to the prizes, all the nominees have already been published since the different categories, which highlights the award for the best game of the year, the award received by The Last of US 2 in the past edition.