BVB Licensey, the last group match in the Champions League for BVB is no longer important, after all, the 3rd place is already fixed for two weeks after the painful defeat at BVB Licenseing. Nevertheless, the home area against Besides should not develop a friendly character.

In the new year Borussia Dortmund will have to be satisfied with performances in the Europa League. The uneven little sister of the royal class is the consolation paving for the Bundesliga club, who had to lift the secondary finale after last three bankruptcies in a row.

For BVB License Player Sebastian Keel, however, is not that the team on Tuesday evening against undertaking Besides (from 21 pm in the live ticker), despite the cemented table sites in full throttle mode.

The winning bonus is also part of the motivation, emphasized the ex-professional talking to the kicker and thus played at the 2.8 million euros, which each team receives from UEFA for a threesome.

BVB: Good performance against Besides Absolute Obligation

Erling Haaland may never play for Dortmund in the Champions League again
But Keel has not only financial aspects in mind. If we can present ourselves on Tuesday the last time this season on this stage, we have the absolute obligation to make our fans and the club against the youngest bitter defeats and disappointments to a perfect and successful game, called the 41-year-old.

It is important for the protégés of coach Marco Rose, the recent setback in the top game against FC Bayern (2: 3) can be picked up as quickly as possible. The duel with the record champion was conceivably unfavorable, to all overflow injured even the dimensional Julian Brandt.

Keel, however, gave the offensive all-rounder now, however, the all-clear: He suffered a concussion, otherwise everything is alright, and it is already much better again. There we had luck.