This phenom furnish starts an MMORPG new ‘Galaxies’ dictionary to service from 8th to its service.

Galactic deals with adventures with fairy tales. The character is divided into Hunter, Knight, Bristol, Magic, Assassin, and there is an interaction that is communicating with each character. Here, we have cooperative content such as PVP content, such as PVP content, such as guild, real-time 3-to-3 arena.

Dictionary reservations will be held until the launch of the launch, gives 10, 500 pieces of red hood caps, 5 generic blade core, and 100 gold coins. You can also receive a gift of 100,000 won by applying for additional reservations to Google Play and Apple App Store.

In addition, it also receives a private test application on a pre-reservation official page. The test proceeds to Android users from December 15th.

Fairy Tales

The Munich Funny official said, Galactic, who can enjoy a large battle from adventures from fairy tales, the Galactic will be ready to launch a full-fledged release through today, and Participate in advance reservations, I said, he said.