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Like most of our readers, we are currently at Saturn, Media Market, Otto and Co. in search of matching Christmas presents that we can buy for our gamer friends and ourselves. Today we came across Amazon to particularly favorable offers from the fields of video games, merchandise and accessories. Outstanding is clearly the Microsoft Flight Simulator, which is currently reduced for the Xbox Series X console at Amazon from the former 53 euros to 29.99 euros. For other retailers you pay at least 20 euros more. But also the motion-controlled fitness adventure ring Fit Adventure for the Nintendo Switch can be purchased at Amazon at a high attractive price. We show you all the highlights! Source: Microsoft

Why is the Microsoft Flight Simulator for Xbox Series X at Amazon so attractive?

The Microsoft Flight Simulator not only belongs to the graphically beautiful games for the Xbox Series X console (has someone called photorealism ?), But also to the best. At Metairie, the average rating of 34 reviews in Sage and write 90 percent. 20 extremely detailed planes and 30 airports offer fun for months. Incredible two million places with 1.5 billion buildings plus mountains, roads, trees, rivers, animals, and realistic traffic have integrated the developers in Microsoft into the Flight Simulator for Xbox Series X. And best of all: the Microsoft Flight Simulator for Xbox Series X is now available at Amazon for 29.99 euros. And who orders now, the game also guarantees before Christmas!

Buy: Microsoft Flight Simulator for Xbox Series X at Amazon for 29.99 euros

Source: Nintendo

Why is Ring Fit Adventure for Switch The Perfect Christmas Gift?

There are a few products at Amazon, which — as Ring Fit Adventure for Nintendo Switch — have been evaluated over 33,000 times and have a score of 4.8 / 5. This could be due to the ring Fit Adventure on the switch simply is unique. Namely, it connects a full-fledged adventure game with fitness exercises. In the pack is not only the Nintendo game, but also the ring-con and a leg belt. This accessory inspired by fitness equipment recognizes the players’ movements and transfers them into play. The intensity of the exercises is individually determinable — for every age and for every fitness degree. Sorry, but here the advertiser blinds A fun for young and old just perfectly perfect, making ring fit adventure for the optimal Christmas present. All the better that you can buy at Amazon Ring Fit Adventure at the best price of 55.54 euros instead of 89.99 euros. Again, who orders now, who gets ring Fit Adventure in good time before Christmas.

Buy: Ring Fit Adventure for Nintendo Switch at Amazon for 55.54 euros

Video games, merchandise and accessories for Comprise at Amazon — the highlights at a glance:

Microsoft Flight Simulator, Game for Xbox Series X, buy at Amazon for 29.99 euros
Ring fit adventure, game for Nintendo Switch, buy at Amazon for 55.54 euros

Microsoft Flight Simulator - Before You Buy
Who will be a millionaire?, Game for Nintendo Switch, buy at Amazon for 21.99 euros
Hades, game for PS5, buy at Amazon for 17.99 euros
Cobra Kai, play for PS4, at Amazon for 22.99 Euro
Rocket Burst Pro, Optical Pro Gaming Mouse, buy at Amazon for 35 euros
Rocket volcano TKL Pro, Optical RGB Gaming keyboard, buy at Amazon for 119 euros
Master Chief Plush Figure by Maya Entertainment, buy at Amazon for 13.49 euros
Call of Duty War zone, Zipper Hoodie, buy at Amazon for 37.49 euros

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Advertising: Microsoft Flight Simulator now order at Amazon

By Thomas Smedley
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09.12.2021 at 12:30