Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell is a collection of stealth shooter games, the initial of which was launched in 2002, and their tie-in novels that were backed by Tom Clancy. The lead character, Sam Fisher, is a highly educated agent of a fictional black-ops sub-division within the NSA, called Third Tier. The gamer manages Fisher to conquer his adversaries in degrees (produced making use of Unreal Engine and emphasizing light and darkness as gameplay elements). All the console as well as computer video games in the series were favorably obtained, as well as the collection is readily effective. The series was as soon as considered to be among Ubisoft’s flagship franchises, marketing greater than 31 million duplicates as of 2011, although since 2021 there has actually not been a brand-new installation considering that 2013, with just the news of a VR version.

All fans of the Splinter Cell series can look forward to. After a few weeks ago the rumor the round made, Ubisoft has released another offshoot, now the well-known insider Tom Henderson speaks a word and confirms the project. The source of the leader also calls interesting information about the concept of the game, which give us a little outlook, which we can expect from the new Splinter Cell.

New SPLINTER CELL Game Being Developed (Rumour) & I'm TERRIFIED!
Splinter Cell allegedly with Open-World

So far, so nice. But now the part that could split the fan base of the franchise: According to Henderson’s source, Splinter Cell will have an Open World. Another open game world of Ubisoft, in which we run countless icons on the map and do fetch quests? Maybe yes, but not necessarily.

The Open World Genre also brings out good and innovative games again and the publisher will be aware of how many fans wish a new splinter Cell. In addition, Metal Gear Solid 5 has shown that Stealth and Open-World can be reconciled.

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How could this look? Specifically falling in the Tweet’s statements a version of Assassin’s Creed with more sneaking and as Halo Infinite his Open-World Handcart. These are quotes of the source, which apparently has insight into development. After Assassin’s Creed has degenerated into an action role play in the last three parts, the next splinter Cell could occupy the orphan niche.

The comparison with Halo Infinite also suggests that the game world will not be so huge as Zelda: Breath of the Wild or Skyrim. In Infinite, we can not directly enter all areas, but swallow them gradually, and backtracking does not play such a big role as in other examples. So we can count on a kind of linear open-world, and that fits better to the stealth genre.

Tom Henderson is basically a relatively reliable source, and there are already reports to a new splinter Cell. Nevertheless, this is only unconfirmed rumors. Since the production is at the beginning, the concept of the game can also change. We ask for you to Ubisoft, whether a splinter Cell is in development and update this article if necessary.

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When can we expect Cell with Splinter?

In Henderson’s Tweet, there is talk of the development that the development is still at an early stage. This also coincides with the first report.

The assumption is suggested that Ubisoft Toronto is sitting on the tax of development, as the studio has already developed the last part of the series. Should the voices, could only be started with the completion of Far Cry 6 with the work on Splinter Cell. So it will probably take some time until we see something from the game.

Are you looking forward to a new splinter Cell? And what do you think of the Open World approach?