From the personnel side, there was good news from kicking over his bitches as over there, both clubs could, among other things, launched their ancestral captains. Cologne’s coach Steffen Rampart was also stormed by the 1-1 at Armenia Bielefeld in addition to Returner Hector, but had to do without the diseased Shirt in midfield and ordered Schindler on the bank.

Four bill of exchange Fully Augsburg’s Coach Markus Easier compared to the 2: 3 against VFL Bochum: Gouweeleuw (after survived Covid-19 infection) and Oxford (after thigh problems) returned to the starting eleven like Morale and Gregoritsch. Hamburger and Winter moved to the second link, while the battered Maier and Require (hip / strip) were completely missing in the squad.

Cologne makes more operation

Tactically, the FCA presented itself quite typical of a guest team: the Bavarian Swabia lurked on counterattacks, waiting, handling the Geßböcken the ball and thus the initiative. The Effie accepted the task, made a lot of operation and caused mainly via the own right side first for operation.

So there were rapidly promising opportunities to see, such as Modest es header (2nd) or cocks worth seeing a long-distance shot (4th) and Gregoritschs due to short-term ablated patch (12th).

In general, it was an intense and therefore restless as well as pretty hectic game. Both teams were concerned with wearing the ball quickly forward and also presented themselves right in the dual fights.

Cologne harmless, FCA inefficient

The Hofstadter had more game shares, but no further significant degrees — neither out of the game nor to standards, in which Cologne in half a very harmless showed.

Quite different from the FCA, which defended uncompromisingly and also the better degrees for themselves: Because Caligari (21.) and Vargas (24th, 29th) were too imprecise, it was still goalless in the cabins.

Just over: Ruben Vargas (2. V. Li.) shoots right next to it. Imago Images / Kolbert-Press

After the reverse change, the focal bats drew a completely different picture: Cologne started printing, pushing with power on the lead and let it look several times before Gikiewicz — only the pole did not settle, so he did not deal with Modest es header after 51 minutes.

That the Augsburg er continued to participate in the game, was clearly clear at the latest two minutes later, as a cock at a counter-Kölns goalkeeper wicker with a rich 17-meter shot on the sample. Overall, two football was done in passage, less celebrated.

Dorsal opens the door to the away win

What Rampart, which, by the way, was short-sleeved in crunchy three degrees Celsius and with vest on the sideline, should not be so disturbed, Juridic’s ball loss but far more: Dorsal conquered the ball and sent Vargas, whose cross left the feet of Hahn bounce — 1: 0 (72.).

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Cologne threatened the first home defeat of the season, Rampart looked for ball paths and subsequent word fetch with FCA goalkeeper Gikiewicz his second yellow card of the season (78th). The Cologne still had time to turn the bankruptcy — and they tried it, but in the episode, but only to half opportunities about Schmitz (78.) and Andersson (81., 82.). The FCA impressed defensive, defended everything away — and dorsal made the lid on it shortly before the end with a wonderful long-distance shot in the left torque ultimately (88.).

For both clubs, during the week in the Bundesliga is about points: Cologne is on Tuesday to visit in Wolfsburg (20.30 clock), Augsburg has 24 hours later RB Leipzig a guest.