The 2018 Gaming Honors are costs that are turned over to the ideal computer game of the year 2018. The event exists by Geoff Kafka at the Microsoft Movie theater. The occasion is relayed reside on the Web and attracted more than 26 million visitors.

Destiny 2 celebrates the holidays with the return of The Dawning. This new event is full of tons of missions in which players collect ingredients to prepare sweets. One of those articles are the Traveler Donut Holes, one of the favorites of Korea. Here is How to make traveler’s donut holes in Destiny 2.

How to make traveler’s donut holes in the Dating event of Destiny 2 (Recipe)

To make these donuts, the players must collect ingredients distributed by the Destiny Worlds 2. To be accurate, you will need 1 Thus, 1 Inspiration Flash and 15 Dawn Essences.

Cabal Oil — To get this object, simply defeat at any part of the system. This may vary according to the RNG.
Inspiration flash — You will have to generate Forbes to get this particular object. To do this, simply kill an enemy with your super.
Essence of dawn — Complete the daily rewards of EVA. These rewards are collected as any other, and you can simply get talking with Eva. You can also perform activities such as heroic public events to eliminate some after the rewards end.

How to make Traveler Donut Holes Destiny 2 Ikora's Gift
Now that it has all the ingredients ready, it is time to start cooking by opening the Eva vacation oven in its activity inventory.

Mix Cabala Oil, Inspiration Lightning and Dawn Essence in the respective areas of the oven and will create the Traveler Donut Holes. Make sure you deliver them to Korea.

That’s all you need to know How to make traveler’s donut holes in Destiny 2. Be sure to check our wiki to get more information about Destiny 2 and the Beyond Light expansion.