The former NFL player Phillip Adams, who shot six people in April and followed themselves, suffered with the degenerative brain disease CTE. This gave a post-mortal investigation of the brain of Adams, which was carried out by neuropsychologists of Boston University.

CTE, which occurs in a row frequent head trauma ta and only postmortal can be detected, according to the Boston University could already be found at 315 former NFL players.

Adams played as Corner back for six different NFL teams and brought it to a total of 78 lots in the league. In 2011, he started with the German Super Bowl winner Sebastian Volume for the New England Patriots.

At the time, Aaron Hernandez belonged to the team. The tight end was later sentenced as a murderer to lifelong imprisonment and committed suicide in the adapt. Also, at Hernandez Postmortal CTE was diagnosed at a heavy stage.

Ex-NFL player Phillip Adams had ‘unusually severe’ CTE at time of slays | New York Post

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After the Booker of Adams on April 7th, his father said in conversation with a local television station that Football had his son corked. Adams’ career was shaped by many injuries, including brain shakes.