From now on, the break in Destiny 2 returns, a free in-game event with brand-new gifts for guardians who want to spread good mood and want to grab holiday equipment.

Guardians can unlock new premiums until January 4, 2022, collect old favorites and earn animation mood by baking Christmas lickings and share gifts with new and old allies.

Eva will offer keepers a new exotic ship if they generate enough burglar mood and reward the guardians with the very first Stasis sword Zephyr with the very first Stasis sword. It’s the perfect gift for all keepers who want to cut their biscuits with ease into small pieces.

Guardians can unpack new festive objects of TESS EVE RIS, including a new universal ornament set for each class, which is available in the Everversum Store against gloss dust or silver.

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Players of Destiny 2 can also celebrate with the Destiny 2: 30 years of bungee package and to their skills for Destiny 2: the hex king file, which appears on 22 February 2022.