Thunderous Games You have announced a new DLC of Lonely Mountains: Downhill. Under the name Riley’s Return, this new content will move to a new route within Mount Riley, with new challenges and personalization sets of our character. It is totally free and is available from right now in all its versions: Xbox One, switch, PS4 and PC.

On these lines you have the presentation video of this new DLC of the mountain drops game by bicycle, where you can see something more than one route that will include two new rest areas. Daniel Helping, co-founder of Megaton Industries, has declared that the team always feels honored by the fantastic response of the players with each update. Therefore, they are delighted to open a new area of ​​Mount Riley for free through Riley’s Return.

Since the release of the 2019 game, it has been updating its content constantly with other LCS as Godfall, that this was for payment, and included a new island full of levels, from which my partner Víctor Martínez commented in his article of impressions that the German study demonstrates the strengths of its proposal with more ease and firmness than ever».

Lonely Mountains: Downhill - Riley's Return Free DLC Trailer

In addition to this recent addition and the rest of the payment content that have reached Lonely Mountains: Downhill, from Megaton they have not yet finished adding novelties: There are many things in which our players can get stuck with Riley’s Return, but, of course, we will continue to update the game in the future and users must keep their eyes open to see the new fun content with Christmas theme that will be launched on December 22.

Lonely Mountains: Downhill is available at Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam.