In Dun pa, Equipment Facing is a key and a factor that takes a lot of gamers. Currently, Dun pa Equipment is uniform with the so-called ‘dill (dill). Equipment Farming tends to be left behind in luck rather than effort. In other words, the play is to force the same dungeon to acquire the equipment for the meta. In addition, the so-called ‘graduation set’ is so louder, and if the maximum level is expanded, you must repeat the jamming again.

This time, the Dunbar producer tips this structure. At the same time as extending the maximum level at 100 levels at the level 110 level, the dependence on the specific equipment does not increase the dependence on the level, and reduces the jamming burden. More information was released through Dun pa Festival 2021, on the 19th. In the field, Soon, Yeo-jin, has announced a great change in Dun pa itself during a 2-hour half a half years ago.

First, on December 23, the Armor, Jersey, Paralyzed, Municipal, and Munich’s assistance illustrations will be replaced, and the character-related changes such as client optimization, and new former assaulting, synergy, and synergies are applied to reduce racks and delays in January. In February, Nam NEN Master and Nam Spit Pail Renewal are applied and the Ziggy is released.

As such, the character and optimization of the foundation are also added to the 110 level expansion and related content from March 17th. Soon, Myung-jin, said, I think there are a lot of people who are so long that the period is too long. However, we prepared winter updates and events to complement spaces.

From OMA Seals to New Reid ‘Rifting King Basal’ to

Dungeon maximum levels are extended at 110 levels at 100 levels and add new stories and dungeons. In March, the scenario dungeon and the general dungeon are presented, and two of the general dungeons. Dun pa is the first to increase the maximum level, not five units, but the first time in the first time in the first time. There are many ready contents, and new dungeons and raids appear after March.

First, Story deals with Saint Mikaela after sealing her apostle OMA in her body. Mikael was successful to seal her OMA, but she did not completely purify the energy, and therefore another disaster appears in Arab. The noblesse code that is against the power of the Earl Painting is a new area of ​​the Noblesse Code, the familiar, who is waiting for a fuzzy.

Then, after March, a new type of dungeon ‘Legion’, which connects the new top dungeon ‘Master’s laboratories’ and the advanced dungeon and raid, appears. The first Legion, which appeared for the first time, is the ‘dedicated land, ISIN’, which is progressing to a 4-person party. Master’s lab in May, the ISIN comes out in July. And in September, New Reid ‘Widow King Bad’ is emerging. In Basal’s palace, Balkan and punishment are treated with the last days, and the production of the story is introduced.

In this case, the 110 level expansion is carried out, and the production dummy is largely in mind that the dungeon plays on the dungeon play. It is to reduce the repetition of excessive repetition, which is not to force the party to be a magic growth, which is not to be forced to do to the process itself.

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First, the full-time director of the character growth process was It’s a very important part of the process, and it’s a process to go to Farming. So he was able to naturally spread in the growth process. That is, the scenario dungeon is not a quick passing section, but to work with a section that grows the character through naming.

In other words, in addition to the laid, the importance of the dungeon is increased. Especially at the time of the highest level expansion, there is no hell party, and Epic Equipment is dropped in the general dungeon, the scenario dungeon, and the advanced dungeon. Specifically, the Noblesse Code, one of the advanced dungeons, can be cleared at the same time as the character of the character in the same account, and the compensation is also received. This dungeon, This dungeon is highly in the forefront, and each character can pick that each character suits him.

Subsequently, the device that prevents the party play was introduced as ‘difficulty’. Scenario Dungeon difficulty can be appropriate for the situation to the normal king, and the Heroes that can be highly underwent is introduced. Soon, the unusual director, The normal is achieved by a 100 level, and King is able to smoothly clear if the OMA graduation set is set. He also said, He also said, Heroes offer a fun, Heroes, he said, Heroes said, He said, he said, Heroes said, Heroes said, Heroes said, Heroes said, Heroes said, Heroes said.

Finally, the admission ticket system is applied to the advanced dungeon in a dimension that reduces repeated play burden. In the conventional, the advancement is a method in which the number of daily positions is limited. The production team has been recognized as a damage to the player when the time limit is a day, and it was determined that the play burden has resulted in a weighted result. This varies in a manner that purchases ‘admission tickets’ that can enter the advanced dungeon with ‘Play point’ that can be collected through the dungeon play and can be collected through the dungeon play. The general director of Soon, said, The admission ticket and the play point are collected, and it will not be able to use the dungeon as much as the number of times the dungeon was used. In addition, the mission and achievements that can be achieved by a kind of dungeon and can be achieved.

Why is the maximum level of the character, but is the item level 105?

Over the past few years, the maximum level of character and item has been equally guessed. This time, this time, the maximum level is 110, and the item is at 105 levels. The reason is that it preserves the value of the existing 100 levels and to lower the equipment piping burden. In addition, it grants freedom to optional settings, not to secure a specific item, but a variety of combinations.

First, the 105-level item is not a set of equipment that needs to match multiple sites and is all a single item. Because the equipment does not tie to a set, it is also disappeared by the reason to match a specific set. The general director of Soon, Jong-il said, Because there are several areas to see the set effect, the liberation of the setting is also reduced, and the flaming period for obtaining a particular site is long, said the reason for providing all items.

Among them, a new 105 level weapons is added by two types by type. One is compliant with the Damage option, and the other has an option to customize each character skill. The probability of the character of the character to be dropped here is the probability that the weapon of the character will be dropped. There are a dozens of characters in Dump, there is a stress that the weapons that have been difficult to get, are not the same for their jobs, so users are stressed. This difficulty is reduced if the procures of the weapons are likely to drop. In addition, it simplifies rare, unique, leveraging rating root before Epic, and performance is strengthened than conventional.

Here, it is expanded to expand good equipment according to the unrecognized effort. Basically, the more difficult the dungeon, the higher the device, the higher the device is dropped, and the optional growth system, which is dropped with higher equipment, the same option is synthesized, and to drive the level and experience on one side. The Owner Director can be used as 105 levels as well as OMA Reid Convergence Equipment among 100 levels to 100 level Epic Equipment, Sirocco Raid Convergence Equipment, which is converted to maximum value, and reverberation fusion inorganic materials, which are imparted to the blackening fusion. After acquiring new equipment, it is possible to confirm that the performance is significantly increased when synthesizing this equipment with a material. In addition, 100 levels of mythical equipment and product equipment have been maintained that the performance of the new Epic Equipment is to grow to the final stage.

In addition, the option itself is also added to ‘Custom Optional Equipment’. The Owen Directory will be able to play an individual with the options that the user wants. Items itself can not be easily obtained, but this is also strong as you play steadily. However, it is not just a customized fixed optional equipment, but it is not interrupted to play all content, and there is a fixed device with attractive new options. In addition, custom optional equipment is introduced by bringing one desired option to other equipment and overwrites ‘optional transmission’.

In addition, various contents were also released. First, the effect is similar, too many kinds of cosmetic damage and buff options to be chaotic. Related options that mean the increase in damage are Increased damage to ‘Damage, the buff-related options are marked as’ buffing.’ Then, all skill maximum cooldown is limited to 70%, and the equipment switching is limited if a monster is present in the middle of the battle. In addition, we have a ‘reputation limit’ in the dungeon position. Finally, in the action property enhancement dimension, the lower level skill utilization is increased, adjusting the character and monster defense, and the play pattern is uniform with ‘dill’.