Mass Effect: Legendary edition is a remastered of the first 3 video games of the Mass Effect series, established by BioWare and edited by Electronic Arts. The refill was announced on November 7 (N7day) 2020, released May 14, 2021.

23rd, Steam Winter Discounts began. Most of the classic discounts were driven in the game, and the faces familiar with the top sales rankings worldwide were emerged.

Steam Winter Sale 2021: RPGs, Soulslikes, Metroidvanias, And Survival Games To Buy (Christmas Sale)
The uniquely noticeable game is ‘Senior: Shadow This’. Senior, who had no frequent discounts compared to the famous tax and sales volume, seems to receive a lot of interest to gamers that were anticipated to be a 50% discount on the second time since the last summer discount.

The take-to-take-up looked back. High rating and more game Awards 2021 Got Award, etc., appeared as the first half-value discount. In addition, Red Dead Red Demonstration 2, which was all discounted, has a seat in the Cyber ​​Punk 2077, and the Mass Effect Legendary Edition was also seated in the top of the Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

The top simultaneous users of the steam day, the TOP 20 is noticeable in the middle of 20, and the decline in Final Fantasy 14, which was ranked as a new rehab update.