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Havelse misses connection in the table cellar

CSI5*W Oslo - Kevin Staut & For Joy van't Zorgvliet*HDC - table A against the clock - 1,45 m - 2015
“It is important that we show the league that we are still there,” said Wiesbaden Victory Train Kevin Lank ford after the 1-0 win over the TSV Averse at “Magenta sport”. The sentence would probably like told the Heidelberg after the game on Wednesday evening, after all, the bottom of the table had the chance to be the same with the Würzburg Kevin Lankfords and to get a good deal closer to the saving shore.

But the Travelers continue to wait for the first victory after now since nine games and have to say, “That was not enough good performance to score.” Striker Lynn Rademacher formulated it in this way, his coach agreed with him: “We had our moments from which we have to earn scorchancies. In the last third we were too inaccurate,” says Rudder Zeal.

In Hanover, Averse was equally equal in the second round with the guests from Wiesbaden, but goal hazard was rare. Two occasions of Rademacher (11th, 57th) in which the striker passed just at the gate – much more did not succeed the TSV in the offensive.

The Coach of the Table Light Attested his team also “problems with the assignment. Wiesbaden did not do that and had a lot of position change in his own possession. We had no access and have walked a lot after.”

Averse is standing in front of the basement duel in Munich – Wiesbaden stays on top

The TSV Averse remains the hope of the next Saturday and the activism at Turkic Munich, a direct competitor from the table cellar (2 pm, live! At Kevin Lankford). That they are still there, at least on Wednesday evening showed only the Wiesbaden, who keep the first victory of the new calendar year imports and connection to the upper ranges.

Summers Nourgirl, Donate Campaign for Children with Momatches Successful Finishing

Comes (Representative Song Jae-won, Lee) has successfully completed the donation campaigns, Relief Development NGO Save said on the 26th that we have delivered 2,000 won for the Children.

Comes has conducted a campaign to sell ‘Summer Mourners’ through collaboration with Mamatch, from mid-December to Match, and donated some proceeds.

‘Summers’ is a popular menu ‘Berger’, ‘Buried Cyber’ and ‘Summer Noun: Perforated Arena’, Items that are available in ‘Summer Noun: A Million War’ With a special package, the value consumption of the joy of sharing was sold in the country during the event, and was sold in the national store during the event.

Comes has conducted a variety of events that paid game items and goods to make more users to participate in this campaign to participate in warm warmth, and the campaign is completed by the Campaign. Save with a touch with a joint donated to the Children.

Donations delivered are used to practice sharing for children. Through the Save, the Children, we will give warmth and warmth to the children of the Mamatch hamburger to the children of the child center.

Meanwhile, Comes has continued to continue the business that supports future generations of dreams and hopes through the characteristic social contribution projects linked to their various popular games.

The campaign, including the campaign, improved the global child education environment, Africa Malawi Liaison, and the intestinal furnishes of the Malawi of Malawi. I am going to develop it.

Lost Treasures Update Added to Sea Of Thieves


Rare Studios officially improved the quality of life in Sea of ​​Thieves with the recent update, Lost Treasures. One of the most important additions to Sea of ​​Thieves with the recent update is the checkpoints that allow you to easily come back in what you were doing when you left the game for the last time, rather than Create you in a local port. From now on, players can leave the game at any time without worrying about losing progress in their Tall Tables mission. Sea of ​​Thieves is available for Xbox One and PC, with the title recently launched on Steam and the Pirate Simulator is also part of the Game Pass subscription service.

Tall Tales is a great way to explore the amazing stories of the old hackers on the thieves’ sea, according to Rare Studios. Lost Treasure has added many new stories to Sea of ​​Thieves, leading to many meetings, places and unique challenges. Each tale now has a descriptive info on the map of your ship, so players can easily choose those to do first and the control points system will make navigation from one to the other much easier. The players who were looking forward to other stories added to Sea of ​​Thieves will have a lot of fun with the update of Lost Treasures.

In parallel with the quality of life improvements added with Lost Treasures, there are limited-life events and daily premiums, which give players more opportunities to earn more gold and rehearsals. A new set of vessels has been added to Sea of ​​Thieves with Lost Treasures known as Blighted Ship Set, inspired by State of Decay, another Xbox Game Studios property. With more customization, adventures and Tall Tells added to Sea of ​​Thieves with the Lost Treasures update, fans have even more reasons to navigate the seven seas.

Will you try the update of the lost treasures of Sea of ​​Thieves? Let us know in the comments below!

Football: Bundesliga and Co. now twice as expensive

Fans of Football, football, darts, basketball, boxing and other popular sports are barely passing to DAZN. The streaming provider has purchased numerous transmission licenses for Bundesliga, Champions League and Co. in recent years.

So far, the wide range was comparatively inexpensive, but now it has announced a massive price increase. This concerns both new and existing customers and takes place in a few days. What are the costs now on football fans?

Also interesting: Internet Trend Wordly – What’s that, how does it work, and why does everyone play?

Which licenses have DAZN?

Especially football fans can hardly renounce DAZN, as the provider has secured the rights to the transfers, for example, the Bundesliga on Friday evening and Sunday afternoon , and almost all Champions League games.


Also games of the NBA, NFL, UFC, Wrestling shows and other sports can be seen at DAZN. With the paid subscription you get access to the entire offer.

How much does the subscription cost so far?

So far, the monthly cancellable subscription cost 14.99 euros, so every year about 180 euros. In the annual subscription, around 150 euros were due, which corresponds monthly about 12.50 euros. But the old price is not valid for a long time.

How expensive will be there now?

From the 1st of February, so already next Tuesday, costs the monthly terminable subscription massively more, namely 29.99 euros – a doubling of the previous price!

At Annual subscription around 275 euros are due, are expected to be just under 22 euros. The amount must then be paid at once.

If you conclude an annual subscription, but pays monthly, you must lie down 24.99 euros from Tuesday. This applies to all new customers from the 1st of February. But also existing customers are affected.

When does the increase impact existing customers?

The previous prices for existing customers are according to DAZN until July 31, 2022, valid. As it goes on, it is still completely unclear.

But it is to be expected that from August 2022 the massive price increase is due for existing customers . Currently, you can buy DAZN vouchers at Amazon still to the old price for yourself or to give away.

Where can you look that?

DAZN runs on all sorts of devices, including all variants of Xbox One, Xbox Series S and X, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

Also, on mobile devices with Android or iOS, on the Fire tablets of Amazon, on various streaming devices (Chromecast, Apple TV, Fire TV Stick) and on numerous Smart TVs of Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Sony and other manufacturers.

Sales Record: Xbox celebrates impressive milestone

The Xbox Series X | S is so far a considerable Next-Gen success for Microsoft. The company can now look forward to a new sales milestone and thus remains in the beat distance to the PS5.

Despite the continued console snack, Microsoft can look forward to a sales record. The new console generation of the Xbox Series X | S has sold according to Xbox boss Phil Spencer for just over a year more consoles than any other generation at the same time before. An industrial insider also shares a remarkable milestone on Twitter, which produces contact with PS5.

Sales milestone: Xbox remains PS5 on the heels

In a New York Times report Spencer that further stops the strong demand for the Xbox Series X | S and exceeds the available offer . Thus, the Xbox Series X | S was able to secure the title as the fastest Sell Xbox generation and over trump itself the original Xbox and Xbox 360. (Source: New York Times)

As if this would not be reason enough to celebrate, sector insider Daniel Ahmad also announced on Twitter that, according to his estimates at the current time, around 12 million console copies of Xbox Series X | S were sold . With this considerable number, Microsoft ranks behind Songs PS5, which had probably sold almost 13 million copies over the end of September 2021, but still clearly remains within reach.


2022 could be a big year for Microsoft

The shortage of semiconductor and thus the console slackness will not disappear from today on tomorrow 2022. Nevertheless, the hope is that it will be easier at least from the second half of the year to come to a Next-Gen console. In 2022, this is likely to be particularly worthwhile, because with numerous hooks triple-a-releases such as Elder Ring, Hogwarts Legacy, Gotham Knights, Read fall, Stalker 2, Scorn and Star field it will be a huge selection of new games For the Xbox Series X | S give.

All important information about the Xbox Series X | S can be found in the video:

View Xbox Series S at Amazon

With the Xbox Series X | S, Microsoft has landed a rich success. The new console renal sold to this better than any other Xbox consoles previously and keeps the contact with the PS5 even with 12 million copies sold.

Expired: Trailer of the new sci-fi thriller with Hugo Weaving and Ryan Kwanten

Expired is the new film by Lions gate Movies starring the actors Hugo Weaving (Matrix, the Lord of the Rings) and Ryan Kwan ten (True Blood, Dead Silence), a new thriller of Science fiction I already have your first trailer, a first progress you can see leading this news. This hRings been presented by its responsible, confirming their releRingse date on the cinemRings and streaming platforms for the next March 18, 2022 . Taking advantage of the occRingsion, the definitive poster of the film hRings also been distributed.


new sci-fi and suspense thriller

The trailer presents a future full of skyscrapers and neon lights on overcrowded macrocyudads, a society in which the human relations have been practically forgotten and in which the individual survival is the only objective of each individual. For this reRingson, Jack (Ryan Kwan ten) decides to become a salary killer.

One day, Jack crosses on the April road (Jillian Nguyen) and both fall in love; However, Rings Jack is closer to April, his body of her deteriorates A forced marches for some strange reRingson. Finally, Jack decides to have the help of the Bergman scientist (Hugo Weaving), who discovers an artificial illness with which Jack hRings been infected. From here, Jack tried to continue approaching April Rings he discovers the secrets of his pRingst who have taken him Rings desperate situation.

Written and directed by Ivan Sen (Mystery Road), expired (formerly known Rings Loveland), it wRings all a discovery for an actor Rings experienced Rings weaving: I loved the idea of ​​this love story set in a city of near future. It is bRingsically about loneliness that arises from being divided into a mechanized world and the impossibility of love in a world where people are divided and depend on machines , says the actor.

Expired The next 18 March 2022 will be releRingsed.

Super Rare Games announces an indie stamp with five new titles

Super Rare Games Limited , the editor and British distributor that usually provides physical editions of some independent games (ABU, The Sexy Brutal, Lonely Mountains: Downhill, Inmost), has announced its own stamp as publisher, with the name of Super Rare Originals. In the video on these lines, in addition, they have presented five new titles that will be part of this seal, with a bit of gameplay of each: Grapple Dog, Post Void, The Gecko Gods, Lone Ruin and Completely Stretchy.

Starting with that will allow us to move through its mapping., and that gives the feeling that in some levels it will make things difficult. This is your Steam page, only confirmed platform, although Coming soon we will know both its date and the rest of the systems in which we can play.

Post Void is a first-person shooting game with a Cartoon style that goes well easily through the eyes. It has a scores’ system that remind the most pure of the arcade and, although it is already available on PC, it will be super rare originals who in charge of taking it to consoles coming soon.

Of The Gecko Gods For the time being, we know that it is a game of puzzles and exploration in which we will have to unravel the mysteries of an island and civilization to save the friend of our protagonist, which, of course, It is a gecko. It will be published in Steam in the future yet to be announced, and it also needs to know what other platforms is to come.


Lone Ruin is a twin-stick shooter that highlights his pixel art in three dimensions and his resemblance in tonalities character protagonist to Hyper Light Drifter. It will be played as a roguelike and, as the rest is missing by knowing date of launch and platforms beyond Steam.

Completely Stretchy , the last one on the list, is a short, surreal and caricature-first experience in the first person, explains Super Rare in a press release. It is characterized by a tremendous elasticity in the arms of our character, which will allow us to balance around the purest Halo Infinite style (for what to reference Spider-Man).

Specific platforms and launch dates will be announcing as the output window of each game approaches.

Battlefield 2042: Fan Prangert Fundamental problem – Players agree

Battlefield 2042 has many problems that can be solved with some updates. However, an important criticism is not to fix: the design of the cards. A player makes fun of Reddit and thousands of fans agree with him.

Battlefield 2042: cards are immature

Unit in Battlefield 2042 after the game starts on enemies, it may take a while – because the cards are damned great in conquest mode. As an infantryman you jog a good minute through the game world to finally meet his adversaries. In addition, the cards often offer the players hardly cover in the movement of A to B.

A funny Reddit post, which has now collected more than 14,000 likes, is funny about this problem by saying that he’s already the first screenshots of the coming DLC ​​cards Last:

In the pictures, however, only flat fields, green acreage and a boring steppe can be seen. Reddit’s user dismygyans draws attention to one of the great issues of Battlefield 2042: the cards do not offer enough variety, work empty and uncreative and will be glad for infantry players.

Battlefield 2042 offers various innovations compared to the predecessors. The most important of these we present you in the video:


Fans make your anger air – follow consequences soon?

While developers desperate troubles to meet the needs of the community, players make their anger in the official Subreddit air. There it hails harsh criticism .

Some Reddit users apparently do not hurt against bad insults, so that the Subreddits moderators are currently balancing whether they should close the discussion area for a certain time.

Whether it creates the developers to escape the hate spiral of the players remains to be seen. Currently, most fans from the shooter are anything but enthusiastic.

Phil Spencer notes that the Call of Duty games will continue to arrive at PlayStation

Today, Sony’s official response was announced before the purchase of Activision Blizzard . Here, the managers asked Microsoft to respect the existing agreements. Now, Phil Spencer, Chief of Xbox, has issued a statement where he not only says that this will be the case, but the Call of Duty games will continue to reach the PlayStation consoles.

Through your official Twitter account, Spencer said that all contracts between Activision Blizzard and Sony prior to the acquisition of the company will be respected , and has the desire that Call of Duty games will continue to be available in the PlayStation consoles. This was what he commented:

I had good calls this week with Sony’s leaders. I confirmed our intention to honor all existing agreements after the acquisition of Activision Blizzard and our desire to maintain Call of Duty at PlayStation. Sony is an important part of our industry, and we value our relationship.

Recall that Xbox did respected the exclusivity of Death loop and Ghost wire: Tokyo for PlayStation 5, which were being developed by Arcane and Game works Tango prior to Microsoft acquisition. Regarding Call of Duty, although it seems that Spencer’s intention is to let this series continue to arrive at PlayStation for now, This is just a wish . Nothing ensures that this last point changes in the future.

On related topics, you can learn more about Sony’s response here. Similarly, it seems that Microsoft still has several purchases in mind.

Editor’s note:

While it is true that the contracts between Activision Blizzard and Sony will be respected, once these come to an end, it is likely that the amount of Xbox exclusives increase. Nothing ensures that Call of Duty leave the PlayStation family in the future. Maybe not this year or the next, but perhaps in 2024 we see substantial changes.

Pokemon Go: Error at the Love Cup – Niantic fits Mon

The tenth season of the Kampala of Pokémon G O has begun, and numerous special cups are included. One of these cups is the so-called Love Cup, which rewards players with the triple amount of star dust. Ni antic has published a list of permitted Pokémon in the run-up to the Cup, but there had been a mistake.

Farrago as new entry to the Love Cup

For as the developers have announced via Twitter, legendary and mythical Pokémon do not belong to the pool of the Pokémon available during the Cup. Besides, the Dragon Pokémon Farrago was missing. Accordingly, Ni antic has updated the list of Pokémon for the Love Cup. Officially, you can only use red and pink Pokemon with the CUP struggles that have a maximum of 1,500 WP, including:

Red Pokémon

  • Luanda
  • Gluten
  • Plural
  • Paras
  • Phrase
  • Crabby
  • Kinglier
  • Global
  • Golding
  • Golfing
  • Rosana
  • Magma
  • Creator
  • Lamar
  • Leda
  • Median
  • Aria dos
  • Yanmar
  • Scherzo
  • Schneckmag
  • Mag cargo
  • Artillery
  • Booger
  • Prygon2
  • Mag by
  • Female
  • Young Judd
  • Look
  • Whumped

Cam erupt
Cancer Corps
Former (sun shape)
Current trip
Surgery (rag mug)
Bur madame (rag mug)
Fl oink
Senorita (autumn form)

Pink-colored Pokémon

  • PI EPI
  • Pixie
  • Pummeled
  • Knuddeluff
  • Lemon
  • Galar-Flegmon
  • Lamps
  • Gala AHM
  • Owe
  • Slurp
  • Hangar
  • Pastimes
  • Prison
  • Pin
  • Furlough
  • Warty
  • Hoppers
  • Las hoking
  • Galar-laschoking
  • Snub bull
  • Corazón
  • Kinsella
  • Milan
  • Hectares
  • Flares
  • Ensco
  • Mitotic
  • Sagan abyss
  • Lad ecus
  • Kikuyu
  • Kinds (sun shape)
  • Pantomime
  • Wondered
  • Schlurplek
  • Esprit
  • Sonia
  • Omnivore
  • Ear hole
  • Senorita (spring form)
  • Majolica
  • Part
  • Hardiness
  • Feeling

The Love Cup takes place from 7 February to 21 February 2022 in Pokémon Go and begins or everyone ends at 22 o’clock of German.

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