CPP HF. o CCP Games (Crowd Control Productions) is an Icelandic video game developer based in Reykjavík. Nova tor Allies and also General Stimulant had had a bulk involvement in the firm, nevertheless, in September 2018, CCP was gotten by the South Oriental computer game publisher Pearl Abyss for 425 million bucks. CCP Games is understood for having actually developed EVE online, Game that was published in 2003 and also that today it is still energetic.

The CEO of CCP Games (Sci-Fi Sandbox MMO Eve Online), Pillar Vicar Peterson, has made an interesting statement in an interview with The Korea Economic Daily. According to Peterson, the players should be able to make a pension plan with the money they deserve in games. Of course, this implies that playing games should be a profitable activity for users.

The players hope that the values ​​created by online games can also be used in reality. The online game content should have a practical value in the real world. The game industry should develop so that the players can make a pension with the money they earn with games.

As early as 2018, the Islander, whose studio was now taken over by Pearl Abyss (Black Desert-Online), was similarly expressed:

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I believe that an economy built on the blockchain is a more valuable economy as one implemented on a proprietary database, and it also opens the idea that people can really possess their assets. To have an object on a blockchain undisputed — it has never existed. Never before was it possible to associate property in such a strong way, not even in physical property.

I can imagine a world in a few decades in which no one wants to work in a game industry to buy game values ​​that do not really belong. In a way, one plays a game not only to escape his own pleasure and to escape the reality, but also feeds his family, because the assets of the virtual world do not differ from those of today’s economy.

It will take decades until people really understand that, but I believe that the possession of digital things will be frowned in a proprietary database because it is not true possession.

However, worried EVE online players can be reassured because Peterson clarified that there are no concrete plans to add NFTs (non-Fungible tokens) or P2E (Play-to-Earn) elements.

In P2E games, users can earn real money by participating in the game mechanics. Two of the most famous examples are The Sandbox, where developers can make their voxel creations with blockchain technology to make money, and Axis Infinity, a game in the style of Pokémon, trained the title of Axis monsters, and then against Ethereum Crypt Diet can be traded.