GTA V Online Ways To Lose a Bounty
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In GTA online can you a bounty on other players expose. If you have bad luck, other players or the unknown put a bounty out on you. We show you how one exposes and can get rid of it.

What is this bounty? bounties GTA Online can be distributed to all players who are not in passive mode. Various bonuses can be exposed to the death of another player, who then earned the killer.

We show you in this review the options available at bounties:

How can you expose a bounty?
How can you earn a bounty?
How can you get rid of a bounty?

Bounty expose in GTA Online

This you have to do: First you’ve got to lobby GTA Online are, to play in the other players. Bounties can you not expose to NPCs, but only to other players.

Open your smartphone in the game.
Navigate to your Contacts list contacts.
The list is sorted alphabetically and only shows players and NPC contacts on.
Navigate to Lester and selects the option bounty expose.
Then select her from the player from the list which is to receive a bounty.
Selects now the height of the bounty amount — This may be an amount between 2,000 and 10,000 dollars. Of these, Lester wacky from a fee of $1,000.
The bounty now is an entire day in GTA Online (about 48 minutes in the real world) on the player, which you have chosen.
The player is highlighted with a symbol on the map and thus attractive to other players in the lobby.

The have to consider: Each player in the lobby to the player’s bounty can secure. So if you want to redeem from a player a bounty, you have to kill him before anyone else. Brings her yourself a bounty which you have subjected yourselves, you make a loss of $1,000 (the fee paid by you for the bounty of Lester)

Players who are in the passive mode in a public lobby can not get a bounty of other players.

If you steal enough cars from NPCs, then you get a bounty of Unknown — which shares you then the game itself and no other player.

Earn Bounty

How? If you want to save you the bounty of another player, then you just have to tilt it. You can find him by car over, shoot or kill any other possible way. It is important that you are the killer. Then you will be paid the money then directly.

It is important: A bounty can be bagged by one player. Considering that players are alerted with a bounty on it and know very well that the lobby is behind them. Expects therefore the fact that they defend themselves.

You can see the bounty premium but also earn yourself:

How can you get rid of his bounty?

This you have to do: To get rid of a bounty, you must stay alive (about 48 minutes) for 24 in-game hours. You can not wait in jobs or safe homes, until the time elapsed since the timer is paused in these cases. Then, when you’re outside again, the timer continues to run.

You to stay make it as long outdoors alive, even paid a bounty. The first time, there is a success for the survival of a bounty.

Do you already know what happens when you are in GTA Online runs out of money?