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Due to the lack of PS5 consoles, manufacturer Sony has considered something: the predecessor models PS4 and PS4 Pro are to cushion demand.

Kassel — The company Sony plans to produce the PlayStation 4 published in 2013 as well as the 2016 upgrade PlayStation 4 Pro until the end of the year. As is shown by a report by the US message portal Bloomberg, the persistent scarcity of the hot-coveted PlayStation 5 should be detected (even more news about digital on playstation ).

The Japanese Group continues to struggle with the effects of the Corona Pandemic. While about global supply chains have been weakened for about two years, the scarcity of semiconductors — for the PlayStation 5 is essential — have been noticeable for quite some time.

According to the report, Sony announced the suppliers and partners at the end of last year at the end of last year that the production of PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro continues. Originally the production end for 2021 had been considered. The problems already led to the police that the police have converted with a PlayStation rip-off as in a film.

The plan is now to bring around one million units of PlayStation 4 and the 4 Pro to the market in 2022, as RNA.DE reports. Compared to PS5, the required chips should be more favorable to produce.

Lack of PS5 production: Sony screws up PS4 and PS4 Pro production upwards

It is one of the best-selling consoles ever, and there are always overlaps between generations, said a Sony speaker and at the same time confirmed the continuous production of the PS4. According to PlayStation boss Jim Ryan, the Corona Pandemic slowed down the development in the entire game industry and at the same time triggered a demand for hardware that even the simplest components were scarce.

Possibly, Sony may not only be hoped for by new sales of PS4 and PS4 Pro less pressure in terms of PlayStation 5, but also a better negotiating position for production partners. This is at least one theory that expressed two Sony-near people to Bloomberg.

Again and again there are short-term PS5 offers at Amazon, Saturn, Media Market and Co. , but they are sold out very quickly each time. playstation and RNA.DE are part of the editorial network of IPS. Media.

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