The launch of god of war on PC is freshly removed from the oven and can already be considered a real success. It is not that we say it, that also, but the numbers speak for themselves.

The adventures of Rates and Atreus have risen as the best launch of the history of PlayStation on PC, which shows that it was a wise decision to make the port. The game has had peaks of more than 73,000 players in Steam during the last 24 hours , much more than other games like Horizon or Days Gone.

This figure marks the peak as the best premiere of a PlayStation game in Steam to date . God of War is also at the top of the sales list, an indicative of how well it is functioning. Keep in mind that The game is also available at Epic Games Store when analyzing these data, so the number of players will be even higher. Although for that we have to wait for official figures.

We will be attentive during the next few days, waiting for official data by PlayStation. This success probably approaches that God of War Ragnarök, sequel to the adventures of Rates and Atreus , does not delay too much in time with his arrival to PC. The first title has arrived almost 4 years later and, with the new policy of the Japanese firm, there are those who expect the launch to coincide with the versions of PS4 and PS5 .