The Regensburg came well from the short winter break. Apparently unimpressed by the mortgages of the three defeats at the end of last year and the still-ending barrier of striker David Otto, the John played from the beginning in Tannhauser. The chance for VS new entrance Ahmed Future after three minutes remained the best of the game for the hosts, after which the dominance of the Upper Galatians took ride.

Apparently, the eleven of Selimbegovic sought the air as a means of choice to succeed. After a first warning head ball through Andreas Albert (10th), Breitkreuz brought the John in the lead — by head after a corner (11th). The scorer confirmed after closing whistle at Sky that standards in Regensburg often are trained. We have good standard shooters, the defender added. We have really balanced and good head ball players with a good size. That can be always a good can opener.

Selimbegovics only criticism

He was definitely, the John also stayed dangerous to the pusher and in the air. Albert once awarded two head balls (14th, 20th), before a strong long pass of Harpreet Singh the 2-0 initiated by Leon Guard (33.). Actually, we have to complete the game shortly before the half, Selimbegovic, on the press conference, mentioned his only criticism after the game and thus specifically meant the double chance of Kennedy (post) and Timber (just over) after 40 minutes.

It was to be expected then the coach continued, that the opponent comes again, but we did a goal again, with whom we have killed the game. We did not allow much, it was important, today it was important Play again to zero. Tannhauser was no longer in the game and had to swallow the third goal by Bukhara (52.). Shortly later, Breitkreuz once awarded more in the air (55.).

Rise? — Not our claim

The defender praised the attitude of his team in passage two: We had it more often in the season that we have run twice and started to manage and wobble. Therefore, this was very grown today and very confident. From the climb Breitkreuz but nothing wanted to know: I think there are other teams that have a completely different goal than we are. We should bake small bread rolls, and then you can discuss it when the goal is nearby. That’s the way it is definitely not our claim.

Even Selimbegovic first satisfied with the reaching of the 30-point brand. It’s very good, to interrupt this series of three defeats. To win the first game and come over 30 points in this league, is very, very important. We did a lot right now, but not everything, but that’s not Easy. I already asked a lot of the boys and I know that they are able to play exactly as they have shown today.

After the crash of third to eight ends of the year, Regensburg has now restored contact with the top group. The John is different with the big names Hamburg and Schalke and has only two counter behind the relegation place. Next Sunday (13.30 clock) is the first home game of the New Year, before with Schalke, St. Pauli and Nuremberg come to the Upper Galatians.