In recent days, Tyler «Ninja» Blevins and Image «Primate» Any shave been at the center of a great conflict on Twitch. The dispute between the two Streamers began when the Streamer Vision was permanently prohibited after encouraging a hate attack against Primate. Ninja came out in Defense of Vision and offered to try to soften things with a Twitch representative and restore his account. During a transmission, Primate questioned why Ninja would help someone evade a ban for harassing her. This led Ninja’s wife, Jessica Blevins, to threaten Primate with legal actions by defamation. Now Mongol has intervened in the dispute, jumping to the defense of Primate during a recent transmission.

«It is literally one hundred percent mistaken ninja. It’s a bit crazy because, Ninja even look worse in this situation than Vision. That’s what I find crazy, said Mongol while criticizing the threat of legal actions.

Mongol continued saying that it is not Primate’s responsibility to soften things for people who hurt him and make statements that are not true. It is quite difficult not to agree with that logic! While Ninja said very clearly that he sent a message to his twitch representative about the situation during a broadcast, he and Jessica Blevins now claim that Ninja was joking and actually never sent the text message. After that, the couple could simply have apologized and finished, but the threat of legal actions has now released gasoline.

Vision clearly crossed a line, and it’s worth noting that the Streamer had been attacking Primate even before hatred raid. Today early, Primate shared a list on Twitter, disaggregating Vision’s actions, showing how bad things were put before the hate raid. Primate offers direct quotes from Vision, in which the Streamer made extreme sexual comments about it. Taking into account all that, to begin with, it is even more disconcerting that Ninja and Jessica Blevins have been involved in this situation!

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