Ex-Boss Joseph S. Latter criticized the temporary emigration by FIFA boss Gianni Infantino to the World Cup host country Qatar.

There is a bitter taste, the 85-year-old said on Thursday in an interview with the French radio station Europe 1 over the recently previously confirmed by the FIFA relocation of his successor in the desert state.

For the self-centering of numerous corruption allegations, FIFA’s Ex-Chief of FIFA shows a defections decision a lack of any feeling for both decency and the need for his office.

The seat of the FIFA president is where the headquarters is located, and that is in Zurich. I can not say that it is outrageous. But I can say that it is incomprehensible that he settles there with his family Latter said about his Swiss compatriot.

If we could talk to each other, I could wake it up

From the point of view of 2015 after 17 years because of the FIFA scandal, Patent of Football, Infantile would have to worry about bidding for order and not at the final preparations for the controversial World Cup in Qatar (21 November to December 21) literally a thousand: If we could talk to each other, I could wake him up. It is a matter of responsibility to stay where FIFA has its headquarters, especially in a time we have internal problems.

FIFA had previously confirmed media reports on Infections relocation to Qatar and officially established the unprecedented process with the jurisdiction of the association’s leader for the World Cup finals.

Gianni Infantino since autumn predominantly in Doha

Accordingly, Infantile will divide his time between Zurich, Doha and the rest of the world to be as close as possible to the activities around the World Cup, while he perceives his presidential obligations. He will take as needed until the end of the tournament with other FIFA Staff in our office in Doha work together, wrote FIFA. Furthermore, the 51-year-old would retain his residence in Switzerland and thus remain taxable in his homeland, stressed the association.

According to the Swiss newspaper Sunday’s view, according to the FIFA Boss has been predominantly in Qatar’s capital of Doha since October and lives together again with his entire family in the Emirate.

The FIFA Council had already announced Infantile last October, to accompany the World Cup, and to perceive his presidential obligations in addition to Zurich also from Doha and other locations in the world.

On March 31, the FIFA Congress and April 1, the World Cup Group draw stands on the program.