PLAY ISM has been broadcasted on January 23, HBA Bandleader develops, the Magic girl will destroy the city and defeat the town TPS Magic Girl Malaysia Announced. It is planned to be released within 2022 for PC and console, and the Steam store page is also released.

This work is a third-party shooting with a magical girl × Military × destruction theme. The player transforms into a girl Magic Girl with a magical ultra-high-fired Magic with magical and deformed super high-fire power, and fights to protect the earth from mysterious life. Magical Girl Animation Wind, manipulate the magic gun girl with the weapons of weapons, and try to fight the enemy and the mysterious girl who will attack and attacks the real weapons.

If you become a Magic Girl, it’s a cute appearance, and it’s a super-high-fire power that is contradictory, and you can destroy all the objects on the stage, as well as an enemy that will push the overwhelming volume that arranges the real weapons. By destroying the city that seems to appear in Japan’s animation, it is simply referred to as an object destruction factor as well as an object destruction factor, it is possible to capture the mission more favorably.


Near the future, a huge ring suddenly appears. The mysterious life body, which appears from there, the mysterious life organized by the gremlin mimics human weapons and started Earth invasion. The girl’s power given the power of the magic gun is to meet Gremlin and a mysterious girl who manipulates it. What is a Magic? Gremlin, what is the true character of a mysterious girl? When the fierce fight, the more can lead to a smile…! ?

Developer HBA Hall Comment

Magic Girl’s Malaysia is a Magic Girl with a cannon, is an unusual third-party shooting game that broke all her enemies and the city.

I liked the animation very much in addition to the game, and it was a childhood that a cute girl fights coolly. In addition, we learned about the fun of the military before 10 years and go to visit the SDF exercise. Then the game that combines the girl who fights with anime expression and started the development of this work as interesting.

I have been making several kinds of coterie games so far, but I think that it makes the game of the same scale with hand Lumpkin, which may be the last in life. Then, I have already developed seven years when I want to take out for a few years. It is an obsession.

You are still under development to be a funny game. I will wait a little more, but I hope you can expect it.

Magic Girl Malaysia is scheduled to be released for the 2022 PC / console and the price is undecided.