A new game of Batman from Portal Games challenges players to solve crimes in Gotham City. BATMAN: Everyone lies is a new Games’ portal board game that uses the game editor Detective System to open up road through a new narrative history set in Gotham City. Players will play like four researchers: Cat woman, Harvey Bullock, Vicki Vale or Warren Spacey, while trying to find the truth behind a series of mysterious events that are developed in Gotham City. Players will not only visit famous places in Gotham City, but they will also cross with Batman, Poison Ivy, Mr. Freeze, Penguin and other classic Characters of Batman’s comic line. You can see progress of the new game below:

The new game makes use of the detective research system, a game engine that feeds the popular Portal line of Detective Games. Each Detective The game uses a combination of cards, physical brochures and tracks, and a digital website that serves as a database for more tracks, along with components of the game that represent a number of locations and the amount of time remaining in a session. Players have a limited amount of time and resources to resolve each chapter of history, which means that all the tracks can not be followed. At the end of each session, players complete a final report with questions that determine how well the group has investigated the case.

BATMAN: Everyone lies add several new turns to the Detective system. In particular, there is a new hidden agenda mechanics that provides secret targets and unique victory conditions for each player according to the character they play. In addition, the game uses scenes that give life to certain parts of the narrative through original comic illustrations.

The game comes with an introductory prologue and three cases, each of which takes 2 to 3 hours to play. Each case can be played as an independent game, but the cases combine to form a single narrative.

BATMAN: Everyone lies will have a retail price of $50 and will be launched this summer. Anticipated orders begin in March.