The Xbox Series X | S is so far a considerable Next-Gen success for Microsoft. The company can now look forward to a new sales milestone and thus remains in the beat distance to the PS5.

Despite the continued console snack, Microsoft can look forward to a sales record. The new console generation of the Xbox Series X | S has sold according to Xbox boss Phil Spencer for just over a year more consoles than any other generation at the same time before. An industrial insider also shares a remarkable milestone on Twitter, which produces contact with PS5.

Sales milestone: Xbox remains PS5 on the heels

In a New York Times report Spencer that further stops the strong demand for the Xbox Series X | S and exceeds the available offer . Thus, the Xbox Series X | S was able to secure the title as the fastest Sell Xbox generation and over trump itself the original Xbox and Xbox 360. (Source: New York Times)

As if this would not be reason enough to celebrate, sector insider Daniel Ahmad also announced on Twitter that, according to his estimates at the current time, around 12 million console copies of Xbox Series X | S were sold . With this considerable number, Microsoft ranks behind Songs PS5, which had probably sold almost 13 million copies over the end of September 2021, but still clearly remains within reach.


2022 could be a big year for Microsoft

The shortage of semiconductor and thus the console slackness will not disappear from today on tomorrow 2022. Nevertheless, the hope is that it will be easier at least from the second half of the year to come to a Next-Gen console. In 2022, this is likely to be particularly worthwhile, because with numerous hooks triple-a-releases such as Elder Ring, Hogwarts Legacy, Gotham Knights, Read fall, Stalker 2, Scorn and Star field it will be a huge selection of new games For the Xbox Series X | S give.

All important information about the Xbox Series X | S can be found in the video:

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With the Xbox Series X | S, Microsoft has landed a rich success. The new console renal sold to this better than any other Xbox consoles previously and keeps the contact with the PS5 even with 12 million copies sold.