Super Rare Games Limited , the editor and British distributor that usually provides physical editions of some independent games (ABU, The Sexy Brutal, Lonely Mountains: Downhill, Inmost), has announced its own stamp as publisher, with the name of Super Rare Originals. In the video on these lines, in addition, they have presented five new titles that will be part of this seal, with a bit of gameplay of each: Grapple Dog, Post Void, The Gecko Gods, Lone Ruin and Completely Stretchy.

Starting with that will allow us to move through its mapping., and that gives the feeling that in some levels it will make things difficult. This is your Steam page, only confirmed platform, although Coming soon we will know both its date and the rest of the systems in which we can play.

Post Void is a first-person shooting game with a Cartoon style that goes well easily through the eyes. It has a scores’ system that remind the most pure of the arcade and, although it is already available on PC, it will be super rare originals who in charge of taking it to consoles coming soon.

Of The Gecko Gods For the time being, we know that it is a game of puzzles and exploration in which we will have to unravel the mysteries of an island and civilization to save the friend of our protagonist, which, of course, It is a gecko. It will be published in Steam in the future yet to be announced, and it also needs to know what other platforms is to come.


Lone Ruin is a twin-stick shooter that highlights his pixel art in three dimensions and his resemblance in tonalities character protagonist to Hyper Light Drifter. It will be played as a roguelike and, as the rest is missing by knowing date of launch and platforms beyond Steam.

Completely Stretchy , the last one on the list, is a short, surreal and caricature-first experience in the first person, explains Super Rare in a press release. It is characterized by a tremendous elasticity in the arms of our character, which will allow us to balance around the purest Halo Infinite style (for what to reference Spider-Man).

Specific platforms and launch dates will be announcing as the output window of each game approaches.